Electric Bicycle – The Future Of Bicycle Riding?

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electric bike test EU standards E bike

EU standards for the electric bicycle

Regardless of the form of control and the way it is in motion, the electric bicycle has three additional components compared to the usual bike model. These are electric motor, battery and controller.

Is the E-bike the bike of the future?

the Cykno electric bike of test of Engeenius

But despite the motor the electric bicycle like the usual bike shuts and you need no special certificates to control this. While there are restrictions, but rather, it affects the manufacturer and whose work. The strength of the engine, the maximum speed and the type of control are thus regulated.

The Cykno E bike designed by Engeenius

the Cykno electric bike Engeenius bike of the future

the Cykno electric bike by Engeenius test EU standards the electric bicycle is becoming more popular in our daily life

United States

The Government in the United States is the most liberal. Being allowed there electric power of 700 watts and control the throttle assist of of type of. This is much freer than in Europe.

In the United States, the E-bike is still more popular than in Europe

complete black electric bike test Caterham EU standards

Japan, China, and Europe

In these countries a power of 250 Watts is allowed. There is also the PAS security system in use. The abbreviation means pedal assist system. The electric bicycle, which has such a system, then called Pedelec.

In Japan, China and across Europe a power of 250 Watts is allowed

electric bike test what are the EU standards

The new technologies also provide security on the road

electric bike test EU standards note

Audi E-bike

electric bike test EU standards E bike

The official standard BS EN15194

This is the official standard, which will be valid with respect to bicycles in the EU. It describes the criteria which must correspond to an electric bike to be exempt from registration:

Maximum motor power: 250 Watts;
Maximum speed by the electric motor 25 km / hour;
The engine can be switched off by brake pedal;
The electric bicycle works only when turning the pedals: thus the pedal assisted system is meant;
The weight of the bike is 40 kg;
It is only from 14 on an electric bike.

What criteria should an E bike meet

complete black electric bike test EU standards

If your electric bike so meets these criteria, it can be treated like a normal bike. Even if you are over 14 years old, you can easily control it. You need to pay no insurance and taxes for it.

Electric Bicycle concept design by Milos Jovanovic

e-bike test white concept design

Benefits in the city

In addition to the straightforward purchase as regards documents, the electric bike offers also a number of other advantages in the urban environment as compared to the usual bike and car. Above all the health benefits is very large. Also go to higher-speed through the town. So, the electric bicycle combines the best of the two alternative means of driving well.

E-bike by vector – 100% electric

vector electric bike test EU standards

You can drive with an electric bike to work quickly and easily. Here, you get the right to ride through parks and pedestrian areas. You can drink a beer in between times.

Go E cycling to work

e-bike test sporty design

Take a trip with an electric bike

Sometimes you want to take a bike ride with friends, but the idea on the basis of current poor form is not possible. In such cases, the electric bicycle you comes to the rescue. As to save space and enjoy nature in society by a sportier friend until you’re back in form for a conventional wheel.

Electric Bicycle as an alternative

E bike test new technologies and design

An electric bike can be transported as easily as another on the ceiling of the car. You can also take the electric bicycle as an alternative in a number of physical constraints.

Various colors and models

E bike test advantages and disadvantages

Would you go also like an E-bike?

E bike second-hand or newly buy

Keep pace with the time

E bike test grace Pro race E bike

Chic models for ladies

complete white red spokes E bike easy EU standards

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