Cosy And Modern Dining Areas – Inspiration From All Over The World

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modern dining areas base Staylisch small color inspiration

Get all tidbits: your dining room is ready!

Cooking at home is becoming increasingly popular. Evidence for this can be found everywhere. The food bloggers are more than the Restaurantreviews. The ratings of the cooking shows get super fast.

The new kitchen investments without even on the most expensive and beautiful furniture, but not to Nice devices for cooking. That includes commercial herds, modern coffee machines, refrigerators, etc.

Cosy and modern dining areas – set up according to your preferences and taste

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration chandelier

Now you need a piece of furniture to complete the kitchen and right here, the dining area is super important! The use of such intimate atmosphere and creates the atmosphere of a restaurant. You can customize this piece of furniture to the size of the kitchen and it’s feels like the Chief counter.

We show you below seven different dining areas in their style, but they all have one thing in common: their cosy atmosphere.

1 traditional dinner with a special incentive

Can you talk about in such a kitchen like this down from comfort? You wonder that now, isn’t it? Many believe the benches are made of pure wood and there also the cushion can probably not much helfen…Das. But I like the tradition of the panels and the use of such marble tables with special accents. And you?

The wooden furniture looks very inviting and warm

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration wood

I find adorable the wooden floors with wide patterns and the benches with the high-backed with cutouts in the shape of hearts. A traditional comfort, which is due to the United States.

2. Japanese Steakhouse or Asian fusion.

This dining room is striking with its regularity and geometry. These characteristics are emphasized even more by the dark and comfortable cushions. One thinks immediately “hibachi”.

Asia is a huge source of inspiration

modern dining areas base Staylisch small inspiration

Dining areas can be a wonderful solution for small spaces. Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects designed this space, and they say that you here can afford half meter space per person while sitting on one.

But the more space you have, the better.

3. ice bar from the 50s in a renewed version

Wagyu Hamburger with Sesame Aioli and garnish of fried lobster. I imagine myself as a meal on the table. This kitchen is located in Irvine, California. The splash of Red show the will for a playful look. In the dining area, there is space for three people.

4. French bistro

Soupe of à l ‘onion et Entrecôte, n’ est pas? Here is everything from France: the Maß produced to back of the benches. The patterns were designed by Murano Strie and the color is ringworm. The cherry blossoms are pièce de résistance.

Romantic breakfast like in France

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration window stool

5. Greek Taverna

In most cases, the combination of blue and white reminds me of Greece. I think Lamb souvlaki and Baklava. The padded seating area was carried out in a particularly luxurious style.

How the Greeks like it

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch Inspirationtaverna Greek wooden window

However, wood and wicker everything seem still casual.

6 Metro dining or upscale Tavern

Here you feel just like at a private booth. This is certainly the most romantic place for sitting in the entire House. In such a place, I would eat the dearest beef carpaccio and Schweinekotlette. The hanging lamps provide a warm touch, as well as the vertical lines of the pillows, the one inspired by, the wooden overhangs and the chairs.

In minimalist style. What do you mean?

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration sofa

7 ski hut in the mountains of Colorado

I just love this rustic style. Still, I find fabulous combining with the wooden surfaces and slate flooring. The Bank shows some Craftmanns similar square footage. The tables with bases look wonderful with the dining area. It has just enough room for the feet.

Small but functional kitchenette

modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration window sofa

Can you expand the list? How many points would you still! I hope you’re now just a big Essecke-fan like me!

This built-in rotary table looks just great, or?

modern dining areas white Staylisch inspiration round table woodbut not “breakfast at Tiffany’, but romantic couples modern dining areas Bank Staylisch inspiration wood window

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