Designer Tableware Set From Dibbern- The History Of Prestige

In the early 1970s Bernd Dibbern laid the foundations of his company. Today, he is a successful manufacturer and supplier of luxury tableware and lifestyle products that are renowned for the highest quality in classic, timeless design. At that time, the first porcelain, glass and cutlery collections in the company’s own design were made exclusively in Europe.

The dibberware is known for its first-class quality and simple design

Designer tableware Dibbern Weitz porcelain sugar cane

A re-recognition value of this mark is the color quantity

Designer tableware Dibbern porcelain plate set

With this tealight you can make a special gift for a special person

Design tableware Dibbern tealight

The production is exclusively in Germany

Design Tableware Dibbern Weitz porcelain espresso cups

As in a fairy tale

The last breakthrough for Dibbern, which marked its brand name with first-class life-style manufacturer, passed in 1980 with the successful porcelain series”Solid Color”

The designer tableware has won several awards and is available in approx. 40 timeless color nuances. In addition, the Dibbern design meets every taste.

The most important feature of the company’s history is the reopening of the first private workshop for fine bone porcelain in Germany in 1997. This was published by C.M. Hutschenreuther in Hohenberg / Beyern in 1814 was first established.

It is best to visit a store where you can see the texture even better

Design tableware Dibbern Weitz porcelain set

The philosophy of Dibbern is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and appealing simplicity.

Dibbern has the highest demands on the production of designer tableware.

In the company in Hohenberg / Bavaria every single plate is traditionally hand-twisted and not pressed, like most mass-produced products. The glasses, made by Dibbern Are blown both by mouth and by hand.

The dibber harness has an old manufacturing tradition

Designer tableware Dibbern Kaffeetasse

The glasses of the brand are hand-polished and mouth-blown

Designer tableware Dibbern glas

The plates are rotated by hand as they were more than a hundred years ago

Design tableware Dibbern Weitz porcelain plate set

Solid Colors Collection

The new interpretation of the colors from the 1930s has turned the designer tableware from Dibbern into an iconic object. All products are available in exactly 36 fantastic colors, varying from funky pink to dark blue and everything in between.

The collection also includes soup bowl and drinking jugs of all sizes.

Coffee cups and plates are available in 36 different solid colors

Design Tableware Dibbern

The dibber harness- an aesthetic encounter

Bring a colorful change to your dining table! Gently blend the colors to enhance your mood, amuse your guests, or simply experience something new.

The Dibbern dishes are suitable for the microwave and for the dishwasher (everything except signal, Bordeaux and plum red)

You can buy this excellent crockery in specialist shops such as Weitz, for example.

If you are looking for timeless, this collection would be something for you

Design tableware Dibbern pink color
Design tableware Dibbern Weitz porcelain collection