So Make Your Dining Room Spacious And Bright

The dining room is not only a simple dining area, but also an important social function it fulfils at home. It is a central meeting place for the family, where one spends time together in peace and exchanging information. The latest interior design trends often include an open living plan, where dining room, kitchen and living room form a harmonious unit, which in turn ensures more comfort and space. But even in smaller apartments you can set up a pleasant and comforting food zone, where you feel very comfortable. This, of course, your own taste and personal preference playing the main role. Nevertheless, you should follow some tips and tricks which are very helpful in setting up small rooms. In this way, each room can be transformed with very little effort in a bright and spacious room. How does that? It’s simple. Here, we have some advice for you.

dining room set dining table chairs bright wood sisal carpet white curtains

Colour design of small spaces

Basically, always the rule of thumb is – bright and neutral colors visually expand the small space and make it look more generous. Of course, you can opt for white walls or set a harmonious duo of color such as white or turquoise cream. If you are Flash colors, you can integrate a few fresh colour cushions, pillows, work or table runner in the dining room facility. Such accents normally draw attention to itself and so the room looks at once much larger.

dining room set dining table pad chairs chandelier white wood kommode

Matching furniture and sufficient storage space

Even in the small dining room furniture you should rather opt for lighter shades. In any case, a dining table with chairs or even with benches in bright solid wood is a good choice. Here, you can choose to of course a variant of folding furniture, which provide extra freedom of movement. Natural oak and white are suitable for the sideboard or dresser in the dining room, which at the same time provides additional storage space and storage space.

dining room set dining table seat light wood chandelier sisal carpet

Daylight and artificial lighting

Ensure pleasant light in the dining room. Thanks to transparent curtains and discreet door curtains flows not only plenty of light into the room, but also annoying mosquitoes and flies are held. When it comes to artificial lighting, so called “islands of light” are a great idea. So the room is not only wider but also much cosier. A stylish pendant lamp over the dining table gives additional light at the dinner and creates a cosy ambience in the evening. Important: you should vote the size and the design of the lamp as well as possible to those of the underlying.

dining room set dining table chairs kitchen modern kitchen island lighting

Finally, don’t forget the wall mirror! This true “illusion artist” reflect the light as we know and conjure up optical wide and new perspectives in the region. Large mirrors can be fixed on the wall, as if they represent a door which acts as an open living plan. Smaller wall mirrors, however, can be strategically placed at the desired locations. You can consciously visually extend the room full at your whim and lighten up.

Fill up free then go for it. Have fun creating over and set up!

dining room set dining table oval wooden chairs wood natural chandelier