To Design Your Dining Room Generous And Bright

The dining room is not only a simple dining area, but it also fulfills an important social function at home. It is a central meeting place for the family where you spend together in peace and exchange. The latest furnishing trends often include an open plan, where the dining room, kitchen and living room form a harmonious unit, which in turn provides more comfort and space. But even for smaller apartments you can create a pleasant and comfortable dining area, where you can feel comfortable. Of course your own taste and personal preferences play the most important role. At the very least, you should follow some tips and tricks that are very helpful when setting up small rooms. In this way, each room can be transformed into a bright, spacious room with little effort. How does that work? Very easily. Here we have some advice for you.

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Color design of small rooms

The rule of thumb is always the rule of thumb – bright and neutral colors optically expand the small space and make it look more generous. Of course, you can also opt for white walls or put on a harmonious color duo such as white-gray or turquoise cream. If you are looking at bright colors, you can integrate a few fresh colors with seat cushions, cushions, window decorations or table runners into the dining room. Such accents usually attract attention and the space suddenly looks much bigger.

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Matching furniture and sufficient storage space

You should also opt for lighter colors in the small dining room. A dining table with chairs or even with Light wood benches Is definitely a good choice. You can, of course, choose a folding furniture variant by which you ensure extra freedom of movement. Natural wood as well as white are also suitable for the dresser or chest of drawers in the dining room, which also provides an additional storage space and storage space.

Dining room set dining table light wood chandelier sisalteppich

Daylight and artificial lighting

Ensure pleasant light conditions in the dining room. Thanks to transparent curtains and Subtle door curtains Not only does sufficient daylight penetrate the room, but also annoying mosquitoes and flies are kept. When it comes to artificial lighting, so-called lighthouses are a great idea. Thus the space not only widens, but also much more residential. A stylish pendulum light above the dining table provides additional light during the meal and provides a cozy ambience in the evening. What is important is that you should adjust the size and the design of the lamp to match that of the dining table as much as possible.

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Do not forget the wall mirrors! These illusionists, as is well known, reflect the light and conjure up optical space and new perspectives in space. Large mirrors can be attached to the wall as if you were a door, which is an open plan. Smaller wall mirrors, on the other hand, can be strategically placed in the desired locations. In this way, you can consciously expand and illuminate the room according to your mood.

Fill yourself free and dare it! Have fun!

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