Modern Dining Room – 15 Stylish Examples As Inspiration

modern dining room dining table with chairs complete white

15 organic modern dining room

We experience in recent years high-tech kitchen appliances and super modern furniture in our kitchens. But at the same time the trend is increasingly to ensure more close to nature.

Because again it is apparent that sources for everything wonderful are in nature in life. Now, we show you some examples of how you can integrate the nature by a great design.

The combination of organic and modern design were transforms into a very comfortable place to live.

In the decoration of organic-themed houses, you will recognize that it is mainly on the elements of nature. Often there is such for example materials such as recycled wood and others. Still, putting a special emphasis on that much sunlight enters the House.

At the same time, the Hausdeko elements provide for a low-key, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. You can experience all of this in the dining rooms below!

Organic modernism

modern dining room wood dining table with upholstered chairs wall design pendant lamps

Here we see an organic and creative home. Seen in organic modern design with ground recycled cherry-wood.

Montauk Beach House

modern dining room dining table with chairs complete wood fireplace open living room

Through large Windows letting in plenty of light into the House. You can provide a lively atmosphere by small plants on the tables.

RAK gem collection

modern dining room dining table with chairs concrete slabs flooring open living room

The Dining chairs have been made from organic materials. But they were enough not to experience a very organic feel. That’s why you added also plants.

Hall development project

modern dining room design carpet dining table with chairs white

Here the rectangular elements and the wall paintings show some details, which are nature-inspired in the first place by the.

Manor House stallungen

modern country house style wood furniture dining room pendant wall white wooden table

Here we experience white interior with many wooden elements. The result is simply gorgeous.

Residence with views

modern dining room dining table with chairs of open living room wood floor

The light penetrates in here through a high window and also for dramatic views. To use wood on the ground and in many other places in the area.


modern dining room dining table with chairs wall color green carpet tiles

The soil here is acid etched turtle color. They brought this surface dye and a wax-upper class. But not only the floor looks great here. We find also the area rug, walls and everything super gorgeous from Freshideen.

B line medium 003

modern dining room wood table kitchen island wall yellow

In this room here, we see Danish modernism. The wooden materials provide an organic touch in the room as a whole and especially to the Wall shelves.


modern dining room chairs dining table round carpet Zebra print wall decoration

We can find here great black-white combination on Freshideen also. It is especially appealing in the case of the carpet, not find?

Aventura island

modern dining room dining table with chairs complete white chandelier

Plants can make a great difference. You can see this here as an example. The great table was created here made of stainless steel and it has a chrome base with Hi Gloss painted wood surface.

Juniperro Ave II

kitchen dining area dining table round Polsetrstühle wood door concrete slabs flooring

Here, virtually all of the elements contribute to the organic appearance. This applies to the high bar chairs, as well as the muted colors and the fruits on the table.

Weathered elegance

wood panelling round dining table chandelier tiles wall mirror

From the name itself, you can see that this room symbolizes the elegance as such. The result is simply stunning.

Living / dining room

modern dining room design parquet floor wood table open plan living area

This open living space easily welds together the different rooms in the House. The wooden floor, we find simply adorable.

This also applies to the earthy nuances around.

Jackson House

modern dining room design wooden table open plan living area chandelier

Easily add wood panels in the form of an accent wall represents a great way to give the room an organic character.

6515 modernity

modern dining room design wood flooring wooden table brick wall

This shiny wood floor looks just perfect with a white accent wall made of bricks. The abundant in flowing light helps greatly.