Designer Dining Tables – Give Your Dining Room A Special Charm

designer dining tables oval thin wood panels in elegant simplicity of form

Great designer dining tables with a sculptural base

In the last few days, we have published a series of articles about summer facilities on Freshideen. But surely this is a broad topic, which you can exploit hard. You can bring the changing seasons tempted again to rethink your interior design and to bring trendy, new decorative home accessories. Why do you actually not a brand new designer dining table in recital, which will become the Centre of all festive activities?

If you’re at it, consider perhaps for an exciting piece of furniture, which gives the room a special character.

A stylish dining table provides drama and elegance

designer dining tables wood glass wood chairs chandelier gold accents Easszimmer stylish figures

A dining table with figural base provides drama and elegance in your home. At the same time can you this wonderfully the dining area within an open living plan defineiren. Here are a few great tables of Pamphile, which aesthetically to beautify your home. They represent a sweeping interpretation of the usual stoic examples.

Curves and turns from Elika

So that you choose the right table for your home, you must drag the appropriate form as well as the right style to consider. Want to enrich the facilities with geometric and visual contrast?  At the same time would like to that the clear look from straight and clear lines is still? Then, Elika by Gino Carollo is certainly the ideal choice for you!

Designer dining table Elika by Gino Carollo

designer dining tables wood glass dining table round Dining chairs upholstered

Great table by Porada

designer dining tables wood glass dining table round elegant dining chairs white wood

Stylish look and straight and clear lines

designer dining tables round glass classic elegant

The base is made of polymer structure and wood. At the same time, the tempered glass ensures that no visual barriers arise. The circular dining table looks particularly great in small spaces. You can see him in many forms and with many finishes. You will find almost always a piece of furniture which meets the specific needs of your home.

Elika-designer table in white

designer dining tables round glass modern white minimalist Dining chairs

…und in black, high-gloss

Elika designer dining table round black glass metal glass mosaic floor

The variant for a spacious dining room

designer dining tables wood glass rectangular long Dining chairs

Exciting miracles of infinity

Next, we want to introduce you to infinity tables. We have to do with brilliant ideas of imagination, and whose author is Stefano Bigi. Seen in a belt-like base, which distinguishes this model by all similar.

Infinity designer dining tables

designer dining tables Dining chairs white wood elegant minimalist form

Still the Pamphile followed philosophy here and whose motto is: “Everything comes from the wood”. It seems by this bold yet minimalist creation to be symbolized.

Dining tables by designer Stefano Bigi

designer dining table oval Dining chairs white wood elegant simplicity of form

“Everything comes from the wood”

infinity designer dining tables round oval Dining chairs yellow pads

The table represents the ideal choice for homes that combine many styles and semi minimalist with eclectic elements combine. Pair this with some tables like Cherner and you will be creating a dining room with a unique character. He is certainly a show stopper!

Bold and at the same time minimalist creation

large dining room design dining table with Dining chairs

Dramatic focal point

Are the curves of infinity and Elika too expansive for you? Then it can be that the theatrical, but down-to-Earth Xheni design will be exactly what you want. If you buy the spektrakulären dining table with a special base and he inscribes itself in the most natural color palettes.

The buyers have walnut and ash shades to choose

designer dining table Xheni round glass ball

Designer dining table Xheni

designer dining tables round glass ball with a wood surface

You can integrate this table wonderfully in the own home office what is made possible primarily by the semi formal character.

Do you want an expression rich and balanced equipment at the same time at home? Then, certainly, these models are the most suitable for you! Have you opted for something concrete?

Theatrical and down-to-Earth design

designer dining table Xheni dark wood round glass ball

Dramatic focal point in the dining room

designer dining tables Xheni dark wood round glass ball Dining chairs upholstered grey