Dining Table Lamps Set Right Into The Scene!

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The contemporary dining room offers us many possibilities to create an original space. From extravagant pieces of furniture to spectacular wall decorations to unusual room ceilings: one can feel free to give an individual touch to the interior design. Such an opportunity is also given by modern lighting fixtures. You can hardly imagine what kind of out-of-the-ordinary designer solutions put the modern dining area into the limelight! Do we want to see some of these in the following examples?

Modern pendulum lights in pastel colors bring a fresh touch into the dining room

dining table lamps fresh pastel colors

Dining table lamps have a key role in the interior setting

When planning the dining room, you should also consider the lighting at the same time as the furniture and decoration selection. Room gauges and furnishings should then be carefully considered. In a room you can create a beautiful feeling of living only if you determine the right number, type and place of light sources.

They should be at least three, which also applies to the dining area. The table lighting should therefore be supplemented by suitable background lighting and table lamps. Especially the dining table lamp should pay extra attention. Optimal lighting above the dining table in the modern dining area is called for!

Decorative accents by the lights in the room

dining table lamps several lamps with different heights

Dining table lamps also have a decorative function, which is undisputed! Because at the sight of a designer lamp, the thought remains for a long time busy… And although most of the pendulum lamps hang over the dining table, these are not always the optimal solution for the dining room. A sloping roof or windows nearby make other lighting ideas necessary. Then arches or wall lights help.

What should be taken into consideration during the dinner table lighting?

How colors influence our mood, that also makes the light, or light color and light temperature. As a rule, the light color varies between 2,700 Kelvin up to approx. 8,000 Kelvin. For the dining room, light with a temperature of 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin is the best choice, because this light color ensures a cozy ambience. Did you know that our taste receptors are sensitive to light? Yes that’s true! Here are some terms that should be taken into account: illuminance and color reproduction. Please also pay attention to the light color!

Chic lampshade makes a nice impression in the modern dining room

dining table lamps several hanging lamps

You can control the brightness on the dining table. There are also dimmable versions that can completely change the atmosphere in the room.

But what should not be ignored when it comes to dining table lighting?

The design

The shape of the dining table plays a first role in the search for a suitable lighting unit. It is not compulsory to hang a round lamp over a round dining table. Both should simply complement each other! Take care that the larger the dining table, the more the lamps should be over it!

Stylishly lighten the dining table

dining table lamps round and elegant

The arrangement of the light sources should also correspond to the table shape and size. For a round table, they are centered, over a rectangular table they are hung up lengthwise.

In Lampendesign you have a huge selection of materials, shapes and colors. Workshop lamps, rattan lampshades, flexible lighting systems, lamps arranged in groups… It is up to you to choose suitable lamps for the dining table!

Height adjustment

How high should the dining table lamp hang? 60 cm above the table top is the optimal height for the dining table lamp. Thus the lamp illuminates the table well and at the same time makes the stay in the room pleasant. You feel quite uncomfortable to have to bump into the lamp or to see the bulb from below. An adjustable light is recommended when the dining table is used for different purposes.

Functional should be the modern dining table lamps

dining table lamps modern concrete optics

Notice something else : If the table is made of glass or has, for example, a high-gloss plate, it would be good to select a lamp with a reflector. The free view of the pear could be especially unpleasant on tables with mirror surfaces.

The lampshade

It is also important whether the lamp screen is translucent or not. It depends on your intention whether the lampshade is made of metal, wood, paper or plastic. Do you want to produce a directed or diffuse light over the dining table? This also creates a different room climate.

Concrete optics captivate the eye

dining room lamps concrete optics gives the room an industrial look

Therefore, it is not particularly easy to select suitable dining table lights… You have to consider so many criteria! So take the time to find the best solution for your dining room, so you can put it in the spotlight by installing modern lighting! Just bring out the dining area visually!

Attractive lampshade ensures an unforgettable look!

dining table lamps unusual ideas for the dining area

Lighting and decoration at the same time!

dining table lamps unusual design for a stylish ambience

Round up the round dining table with matching lights

dining room lamps Fancy solution for the round dining table

The Pendellampen as real eye-catchers!

dining table lamps colored pendulums create mood in the dining area

The dining area stylishly complemented by the right lights

living room dining table lamps

Make your eye catcher in the room!

residential dining room fancy solution for the lighting
lamps dining in pastel colors and white dining table
lamps modern contemporary lighting solution for lighting
lamps dining room pendulums grouped
furniture ideas attractive chandelier in modern dining area
living room large lampshades in black
dining room in eclectic style
Furnishing ideas for the dining room beautiful pendelleuchten
set-up pendulums with different heights
furnishing ideas chic chandelier complements the chairs
living room for lighting
residential dining room lamps for the dining table
living room modern ideas for lighting
dining table lamps stylish solution for the lighting of the dining area
dining table lamps chic design in black
dining table lamps beautiful hanging lamp from the cassette top
dining table lamps beautiful textures and neutral colors
dining table lamps modern lampshade
dining table lamps geometric figures enliven the room
dining table lamps in group for better lighting
comfortable dining area with small round table

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