Garden Table Self Build – DIY Wood Table From Tree Resin And Light Powder

luminous Gartenisch self build Sun loaded

Unconventional craft idea for unforgettable summer evenings in the garden

Anyone can create a such table glowing in the dark at home itself – as highly technologically and about strange! Some plates made of cypress wood, light powder, tree resin, some tools and a little muscle lard are all you need.

Build garden table itself

luminous garden table self build tabletop

Mike Warren ist ein Enthusiast und der Autor auf, der auf diese Bastelidee gekommen ist. He has mixed the light powder with tree resin by he has filled the caves in the cypress wood. You can make beautiful and natural textures that glow in the dark. But first they should be charged to sunlight.

Very simple design

luminous garden table self build powder

If you have the necessary tools and knowledge, follow the instructions from Mike Warren. Step by step you can find his video below!

In the workshop

luminous garden table self build Blau Dunkel

Smoothly press the tabletop

table lamp powder self build presses

Intentionally let wood cracks

luminous garden table self build wood

Fill them with the mixed liquid

luminous garden table self build cave

Magic Garden table for pleasant summer evenings

luminous table self build light powder

Useful video that shows the process