10 Simple DIY Ideas For The Weekend

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DIY ideas Golden glass

Convert the Interior without effort and money investment

Do you have the time, but no hobbies? Then, you have chosen the appropriate article because we have prepared a few fresh DIY ideas, which are very interesting and really very easy to realize. Even a tiny change can totally change the general conception of the interior design in your interior. You don’t need lots of money for our projects. But your imagination, creativity and original thinking can be obtained here. The leisure next weekend is the perfect time to start.

Simple DIY meet your leisure ideas make sense

DIY ideas bottles Sidetable glasses

Let’s start with wall decoration! For this project we need Washi tape, scissors, a template and normal tape. Cut the already printed template and attach it to the wall with the normal tape! Then outline tape with the washi. Slip the template further to the next location and repeat everything! Was easy, wasn’t it?

Decorate plates and cups

DIY ideas marker black decoration

With the help of just one Sharpie permanent marker you can realize many creative projects, like for example plates and decorate cups. First clean the bowl, Cup or plate, paint, what you want, then bake the dish in the oven for 30 minutes at the end.

Hanging belt planter

DIY harness plant stones

Two belts, a juice bottle, plants and pebbles are the materials in your list for this idea. You have to remove the label and measure the straps. Of a belt to bind to the other, the other from bottom to top. Identify where you intend to punch holes. Now you can get you listed materials in use at the beginning. Last you need to find just the right place for your work.

Paint jars

DIY color preserving glass

You can realize many interesting DIY ideas from jars. Why not a vase? Select an acrylic paint and pour a bit into the jar by turning it, so that the color evenly to cover. Place the jar, with the side of the mouth down on a piece of paper, leave it for 20 minutes and then turn it with the side of the mouth upwards, so that it can dry at night.

Brass frame

DIY ideas frame against the wall

A fresh idea would give the framework a new look at home. Prepare duct tape and a gold spray paint. Spray paint on the tape, let it dry, and refer to the frame with a pencil! Then, you can refresh the corners of the frame with a desired color.

Remodel the planter with golden leaves

DIY ideas planters plants

Paint the planters with an acrylic paint. Let it dry and divide the desired location with a Washi tape. Later, apply a thin layer of glue and attach the golden leaves.

Turn the platter into a Blackboard

DIY dish brush Panel

Here, you will use a porcelain plate, tape, chalkboard paint, a brush, and a stove. Clean the plate, mark the corners of the plate with adhesive tape and apply the chalkboard paint. Remove the tape and allow the color of 24 hours to dry. Bake in the oven, as if inside waiting for you your favorite meal.

DIY rope vase

DIY wire vase flowers

When using rope, adhesive and few cans, you can build your lovely rope vase. Clean the socket and remove the label. Apply glue on the end of a rope and attach it to the bottom of the cans. Begin to wrap the rope, until you reach the top of the can. Cut the rope and glue the ends of the box.

Bulb vase

DIY light bulb flowers water

We have kept the most beautiful last. First release the lower part of the light bulb, then remove the glass tube and the wiring. Decoration, flowers and water are all that you need to do, taste.

I hope now you will answer the question “Do you have a hobby?” with “Yes!”. Isn’t that right?

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