31 Ideas For Advent Calendars Or How To Make The Pre-Christmas Season More Exciting

The Advent season is one of the most exciting in the calendar. It also inspires us all to creative decorating ideas. It has long been the tradition to mark the time until Christmas Eve with an advent calendar. Children are of course incredibly excited, but adults are not indifferent. Even as a Christmas present, the advent calendar is especially popular. Advent calendars are fun for all ages, so we bring them into the limelight today! And if the advent calendar is made by yourself, it makes the pre-Christmas time even more exciting! Because the counting of the days until Christmas and the small surprises in the small window make the everyday life until Christmas really beautiful! Immediately follow some great ideas how to make and fill the Advent calendar itself.

Bring a rustic flair home during the Advent season

Advent Calendar Make yourself a rustic wall decoration before Christmas

What does the advent calendar actually symbolize?

The remaining time until Christmas has been shown differently since the 19th century. But since the first printed advent calendar has appeared, this is the most popular way to enumerate the 24 days before Christmas Eve. It is probably true that the idea arose as a devotion to a family tradition: The mother of the publisher of the first printed Advent calendar prepared 24 biscuits for him and fastened them to a box, thus making it easier for her son to wait until the big feast.

Decorate the biscuits for the advent calendar differently

Cool advent calendar ideas cookie advent season

In general, the Advent season symbolizes the spiritual and spiritual preparation for the birth of Jesus. That’s how it starts Advent four Sundays before Christmas and ends on the 24th of December. Today, this tradition still carries the spiritual, but is also understood as the time for the most beautiful gifts from the heart for the beloved. If you want to surprise your relatives or your favorite people, give them an advent calendar, preferably made yourself.

What is in it?

ideas for advent calendar colored packets with surprises

The advent calendar: symbol of the waiting time for Christmas Eve and part of the interior at the same time

The advent calendars look back on a long tradition, but can also be a beautiful decorative addition to the festival. They can work anywhere: hung on the wall, on the shelf or even on a branch.

There is a huge variety of advent calendars, so everyone can choose a suitable one for themselves. Any ideas are there to make an advent calendar itself. However, this remains for a long time in the room and he has to register well in the interior. The concept for an advent calendar is always the same, but can be expressed in so many ways. So the packages for the surprises can be made from wrapping paper, but these could also be put into boxes, boxes, envelopes, even in bags!

To be surprised every day until the birth of Christ…

Advent calendars themselves make small boxes surprises

And what are the little surprises that an advent calendar offers? Advent calendars can be filled with anything. Cookies, chocolates and snacks are as well suited as puzzles, other small games, messages, drawings or even personal photos. It depends on the intention: should this be an advent calendar for the child or perhaps for the loved one?

Especially children makes an advent calendar a lot of fun!

Cool Advent Calendar Ideas kids surprises

Do not forget to number the advent calendar and beautify it with suitable Christmas motifs. A photo advent calendar is an original idea.

Make the waiting for the birth of Christ more exciting and get in the mood for a nice advent calendar! There are endless ways to make it creative. Let yourself be inspired!

Maybe that did not occur to you?

Advent calendars themselves make unusual wall decoration

Envelopes also offer creative craft ideas during the Advent season

ideas for advent calendar white envelopes wall decoration

Advent calendar from flowerpots? Why not?

Advent calendars themselves make flower pots wanddeko
Advent calendars themselves make the Christmas man happy mood
Advent calendars themselves make use of candles
ideas for advent calendar small bags hanging wall
Advent calendars themselves make little surprises
Advent calendars themselves make creative decorating wartszeil on christmas
Advent calendars themselves make creative ideas wall decoration
Make advent calendar yourself using matchbox
Advent calendars themselves make bags black wall plaque
Cool Advent Calendar Ideas advent dekoideen kinder
Cool advent calendar ideas bag colored numbers
Cool advent calendar ideas bag sweets
ideas for advent calendar cute bags with rope
Cool advent calendar ideas deco animals surprises

Cool advent calendar ideas christmas presents festively spanned
ideas for advent calendar as hanging decorations gifts
ideas for advent calendar individual boxes
ideas for advent calendar colored sweets wall decoration
ideas for advent calendar hanging decoration wall decoration
ideas for advent calendar children lego exciting
ideas for advent calendar small city
ideas for advent calendars with small surprises
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