Baby Party Organize: What Should A Future Mother In Knowledge?

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baby party games and decoration ideas baby shower

Baby party under the theme of “Anticipation”

It is becoming more common, to organise a party in anticipation of a baby. But because it is a sensitive period, you should remember certain rules. You should simply serve to ultimately obtain the amusing experiences in a good reminder.

Organize a baby shower

baby shower decoration ideas candy theme expectation

If this Foundation is backed up, then you can afford to also, to give a free run of the own creativity.

Here, the rules for a nice baby shower with the theme of “Anticipation” are

If you’re expecting a baby…

baby shower games and ideas Mama outfit pregnancy fashion

Hostess may be not the future mother

The baby parties of this kind have as purpose to collect gifts for the baby. For this reason, it doesn’t fit that makes the future mother. It looks a bit like begging. Good friend or relatives would have to take on the task.

Who should be the hostess? You as a future mother – maybe not!

baby shower pregnancy fashion dress chicThe guests

Such kind of baby showers should be organized especially for children, mothers and other pregnant women. So the future mother can share experience with women in a similar situation.

Invite other mothers and pregnant girlfriends!

baby shower invitation creative ideas

Appropriate moment

The right moment for such a party is in the sixth month of pregnancy. It’s not too early, but not too strenuous for the young MOM.

When is the right time?

baby shower decoration of balloons in pink baby figure

The gift list

The hostess should discreetly but must act in accordance with the right nut. You should create a list of specific things that you would like to get for the baby by the guests.

Make a gift list. To facilitate your guests

baby shower gifts decorate wrapping paper funny colorful

Want concrete things that you will need after birth

baby shower gifts packaging pastel color

Baby shower gifts full of love

baby shower gift packaging ideas crafts with paper


No complicated menus are for as a baby shower. Rather you should have something to nibble, sweets and non-alcoholic cocktails. Move the exchange of recipes as a topic for conversation and even games into consideration.

Table decorations ideas for a baby shower in the garden

baby shower decoration garden party decorating balloons

Non-alcoholic soft drinks

baby shower table decoration decorations Odeen refreshing drinks in pink

A cute invitation card

baby shower invitation Neutralle shades yellow

Where should you do to a baby shower?

It would be the easiest way in the home of the hostess or in that of the future mother. The hostess would but in the second case to help clean up.

Creative DIY ideas from paper

baby shower invitation card yourself DIY

That’s baby shower

On this baby shower is also about the tradition of the baby shower. For this, you need the following:

You have to enjoy the atmosphere of the baby shower and enjoy yourself;

It is said by babies, children’s stories, births and pregnancy;
Lots of good advice will be given and the knowledge of the future mother are called into question;
You must keep the friendly and informal atmosphere,
You must unpack the gifts and discuss it.

It sounds good enough to start?

Themed baby shower decoration on the wall

baby party decoration Garland himself making wall decorating

Sweets on the topic of “Baby”

baby party decoration ideas in Blau table decorations themselves make

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