Composition Of Happiness – Fresh Oranges And Watermelons From Jelly

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fresh oranges and watermelon jelly

Prepare delicious fruit from jelly!

Necessary materials

Fresh oranges and watermelons

Agar agar gelatin / Jell-o *.

* 2 or more packs, so that you can form stable forms

Cutlery: Knife, spoon, Apple corers

Fresh oranges and watermelons

Orange watermelon yummy dessert of tasty

For the Orange:

Cut the top of each Orange and drill a hole inside with the Stoners. If you have any Stoners, use a knife.Empty the Orange and / or the watermelon inside with a spoon. Pour the juice into a glass and drink it later if you want.

Meet the fruit bowl with water and pour it into a measuring cup back. In this way, you can properly measure the necessary amount of liquid and use enough packs.

Rinse the fruit bowls and dry them completely, pin the jelly inside better to.

The described instructions in pictures

Orange watermelon dessert instructions

Prepare an agar agar / gelatin / jelly dessert to

Make a stand form, by reducing the water content. In my project I use agar-agar (vegetarian). For a package, you need 900 ml water and sugar.

If you want to imitate the pieces shown here, buy weißfarbenes jelly and add food coloring, water and fruit essence.

Or buy pre-packaged, added colors. Red color for the watermelon, orange color for the Orange.

Delicious, dazzling and original

Orange jelly watermelon dessert gelatin

Colorful fruit pulp

watermelons stained color fresh orange

Two colors combined

fresh watermelon orange colors

You like to eat lemons? fresh orange gelatin watermelon jelly original

Pale yellow

fresh oranges and watermelon jelly lemon

Tasty Grapefruits

fresh grapefruit oranges and watermelons

Improvised Orange

fresh oranges and watermelons of tasty


oranges and watermelon Lime Grün

You yourself prepare this tasty fruit from jelly zu

fresh oranges and watermelons lemons forms

An example with lemon

lemons oranges and watermelon fruit bowl

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