Crafting With Paper Strips – Artful, Meaningful Pictures

Editor   September 12, 2014   Comments Off on Crafting With Paper Strips – Artful, Meaningful Pictures

tinker with strips of paper dramatically warm colors

An innovative idea of tinkering by the artist Yulia Brodskaya

There are numerous ways that you can tinker with strips of paper and a designer pulled last our attention on himself. Yulia Brodskaya was born an artist in Moscow, which creates stunning pieces of art out of paper strips and it applies the paper technology.

Apart from the fact that this technique seems to be very easy, we have seen ever an artist whose Kunstwerke combine details, colours and expressiveness in one. These creations are made from rolled or curved paper strips that are glued together. The paper width depth are these “lines”.

The designer website to more feats yu admire visits.  And check our short photo spread, specially put together for you!

Crafting with paper strips

tinker with strips of paper old man Church

“I like the origami art and always I had to make the fancy paper – that is something like my personal hobby” – Yulia says.

“I should find out only the technology and apply it, I really enjoy”

“I made a completely new and different way, which is connected to the main technique (as if I paint on paper, but instead I use main forms, so the thing is quite different”

“All the time I try I am interested to create 3D pieces of paper, by using the same technology my style to develop and improve… now.”

Smoking Indian

tinker with paper strips figure

Old woman seen from above

tinkering with strips of paper old woman

Magnificent flower

tinker with paper strip flower beauty

The Golden fish, or?

tinker with paper strips colored meaningful

Absolutely fabulous and colorful devised

tinker with paper strips colored lines

Ergreifendеs picture of an old woman with bouquet of flowers in his hand

tinker with paper strip alive bouquet Grandma

Contrast – colored cloth and black presence

tinker paper strip Granny scarf

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