Cuckoo Clock Itself Building – A Functional Showpiece

Editor   June 12, 2014   Comments Off on Cuckoo Clock Itself Building – A Functional Showpiece

cuckoo clock itself building modern movement birdhouse

Make your own wall clock, which looks fabulous

I’m so excited, you notify the following DIY project! Today, we present the craft idea for how you can own Kuckucksuhr itself build !

There are everywhere to see unpainted wooden bird houses on the market! The small models that are used here, cost about 2 euros. Every time, when I see them, I wish they were cuckoo clocks. That’s why I decided to implement this idea.

Apart from the fact that I simply love the cuckoo clocks, Ticktack very confusing effect on the senses. (even not to talk of the strike)

Build your own cuckoo clock

cuckoo clock building modern movement Yellow Bird House

You can very easily make this craft idea – you need only paint and glue. You also need still a drill and a cookie cutter if you want like to tinker chic, golden white design. In my opinion this cuckoo clock to a monochromatic living style would fit in very well. Of course, you can rely on the traditional design by adding to trees, small human figures from wood and dark wood paneling.

If you want to build such a watch yourself, you tell us your suggestion. And if you have more specific questions, please leave a comment below. Have fun crafting!

Gold and white colors

cuckoo clock building modern movement painted

Materials – Bird House

modern movement craft shop cuckoo clock itself building

Attached to the wall

cuckoo clock itself building modern clockwork wooden birdhouse

Shiny, industrial look

cuckoo clock itself build gloss extravagant

Models made of cardboard

itself build gloss House small cardboard cuckoo clock

A night in the Woods

cuckoo clock itself building modern movement sky night

Elegant designs in rustic-style build modern movement blue cuckoo clock

Arranged as terraced houses

modern movement blue pointed roof cuckoo clock itself

Fabulous DIY idea

cuckoo clock own fairytale build modern rural movementcuckoo clock drawing building modern movement paper

Inspired from the snow white

cuckoo clock building modern movement snow white

Painted in blue

cuckoo clock blue building modern movement vintage

Yellow and orange shades cuckoo clock flowers building Roman numeral

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