Decorating Your Own Making – DIY Projects From Reusable Materials

Posted on Jul 28, 2014

decoration themselves make recycling materials Orange

How far you will go depends on your imagination and skill

Most people take a big cleanup in which you throw out many items one to two times per year. If you read this article here but you will find that this can mean the renunciation of many great DIY decorative treasures.

Although dealing with great ideas and decoration, which you can make and find in any business.

Today we have some for you DIY decoration ideas put together, which it will show you exactly.

Old bottles as DIY decorationMake decorations yourself

decoration themselves make recycling materials drop light/pendant

You can do so much, to transform the whole ambience in a fabulous place

decoration themselves make recycling materials lights

See the pictures

decoration themselves make recycling materials light

Use thread for DIY decoration

DIY decoration themselves make recycling materials Lampshade silver

If you can find rolls of thread, you could use it for the development of great lighting

decoration themselves make recycling materials lamp shade

Wrap around for example this a run balloon and then puncture it to get the air from it.

Toys as a DIY plant container

decoration themselves recycle materials toys

You have no room for the toys and want to get rid of them? Do this, because you could convert them through simple Loèche in great DIY plant container.

Old cups as a DIY plant container

decoration themselves make recycling materials flower pot coffee cups

Take advantage of all or the popular cups as great planters for Succulents. Just see how this can look great!

Create from old knitting decorative flowerpots

decoration knitwear himself making recycling materials Flowerpot Strip

Look at the wrapping made of cotton or other soft materials

decoration themselves make recycling materials flower pot

You can use these for the frosty times as flower containers , so that they do not take place in the Cabinet. Actually, they could be used later again with its original function.

How throw away? It turns out, that the expensive decorations, which buys you have for your summer party is not necessarily later to the dustbin?

In our opinion the plant containers for Succulents , as well as the DIY look much better, more original and great bottles, as most of what can be found in shops.  Because the best a House feels, which reflects our originality in all details.

By Freshideen team, we try to teach you through a series of articles, how can be created from the old and unused materials, wonderful decoration for the home.

We can say today that you can again take advantage of five particularly valuable and unusual objects. So, you want to really courageous DIY decoration? If so, the examples are here just for you!

Seats convert to old tires by DIY techniques

decoration themselves recycle materials rattan coffee table tire

You need to think less than you do this really well. It only a rope with submitting a glue gun to attach it. So what don’t you learn from the DIY blogs?

DIY hanging plant containers from bottles or light bulbs

decoration themselves make recycling materials bottles planters

Flower vases made of light bulbs

decoration themselves make recycling materials bulb flower pot

You could use the old wine bottles like this one. Just look how great it can look! Or prefer the light bulbs?

DIY mural for the wall from toilet rolls

decoration themselves make recycling materials wall mirror

Not only it annoying, but also far from being environmentally friendly, gone all the time toilet rolls to throw

decoration themselves recycle materials wall installation

Instead you can use here wonderfully as wall decoration like this.

DIY bracelet

decoration themselves making ideas safety pin recycle materials bracelet

Here, surely all women are fascinated! Because each wants to have but a bracelet like no other, or? The authors of many DIY Blgos have understood that. Attach safety pin like this great stones, and you will experience a great result like this one.

Great DIY decoration ideas for the wall

decoration themselves recycle materials stained wall art

Then, they could create great squares by figures such as this one. You would not just fit wonderful in the nursery… By bright colors, they will have a fabulous and great effect at night.

DIY ideas are not only super original and economical, but also relaxing. Because it is satisfied with the own individuality in every detail to take time for your own home, and does a very well. In addition, the artificial process is super healing for the soul.

Great DIY to convert your old items works, need even more arguments.

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