DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas – 35 Untypical Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas enchants young and old with the extraordinary atmosphere of the festival. And the Christmas decoration is the clearest indicator for the coming holidays. So join in Christmas by making beautiful Christmas decorations yourself! They will certainly make for a nice pre-Christmas time with family and friends! Windows, table, walls: Everything has to hint at Christmas! And of course, the Christmas tree the most! This is best done by the homemade decoration. The DIY Christmas decoration gives the party an original touch and there are several ways to distinguish yourself with home-made decoration. We will give you a few DIY Christmas decoration ideas that will surely inspire you! Let’s see, what’s up!

The Christmas tree could look so untypical…

diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree deco pendant wood

Creative ideas for the Christmas tree

In winter, one strives for a cozy atmosphere. But not only literally but also visually… So you put on a Christmas decoration, which ensures more comfort in the room. So more Christmas candles, more lanterns… Make this year for an extraordinary Christmas spirit by making a creative Christmas tree yourself.

There are so many ideas at your disposal that you will be spoiled for choice! Why do not you make a few pallets? This creates a whimsical Christmas tree! Arrange them in the form of a tree and then attach different candles. Your Christmas tree will evoke real fascination!

An unusual Christmas tree with storage space for candles and accessories

diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree palettes

Original Christmas tree pendant

What should not be missing in any case at a Christmas decoration, are the deco pendant! They have a symbolism in most cases. But even here you can let your creativity run wild and enjoy excellent works of art. Made of paper or of different natural materials, the Christmas tree pendants are a real eye-catcher in the room. Especially if you hang personal Christmas balls with the names of your favorite people…

What unusual Christmas balls!

diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree balls decorate

The advent calendar

Another obligatory element in the Christmas decoration is the advent calendar. It is a long tradition to list the days until Christmas with the help of an advent calendar. Today one tries to be as creative as possible and tinkers fancy advent calendars, which act as a great decoration and give the ambience more individuality. So this can be put on the wall and replace the wall decoration.

Is this an advent calendar or what?

diy christmas decoration ideas advent calendar wall decoration small christmas tree

Christmas accessories

The list of Christmas accessories is really endless. Paper and different gifts of nature are suitable material for your unusual DIY ideas. Even unusable items are perfect for the self-made Christmas decorations. Here, the imagination knows no bounds. So you can convert bottles into excellent lights for Christmas. Just put a string of lights inside and admire the result!

The Christmas decoration has to be cozy and romantic

diy christmas decoration ideas snowflake stars

DIY Christmas decoration with bottles

diy christmas decoration ideas fairy lights wine bottles

One last tip from us: Be creative when making your Christmas decorations! If you enjoy making Christmas, then experiment and make the party unforgettable!

Make a whole Christmas tree from origami balls!

diy christmas decoration ideas origami christmas tree colored creative

So stylish and creative can be at the DIY Christmas decoration!

christmas decoration ideas creative ideas christmas tree

Embellish the cactus with garland! Why not?!

christmas decoration ideas cactus decorate colored garland

Make sure you have a festive mood at the entrance

diy christmas decoration ideas entrance decoration ideas

You can make almost anything out of paper!

christmas decoration ideas christmas deer paper

So colorful and festive!

christmas decoration ideas paper christmas tree decoration colored

Make Christmas tree paper tags

diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree deco paper
diy christmas decoration ideas unusual deco natural materials
diy christmas decoration ideas deco garland gifts
christmas decoration ideas make small accessories yourself
DIY Christmas decoration ideas mantel decorate gifts
diy christmas decoration ideas deco ideas chairs dining room
diy christmas decoration ideas paper hall festive decorate
diy christmas decoration ideas fir trees green blue
diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree making yourself
diy christmas decoration ideas christmas wreath deco pendant
diy christmas decoration ideas christmas Stockings stars
Christmas decoration ideas lanterns balloons
christmas decoration ideas small glass container decoration
diy christmas decoration origami deco pendant white black
christmas decoration tinker christbaum books lichterketten
diy christmas deco wood deco heart
diy christmas decoration deco pendant buttons
diy christmas decoration deco pendant yourself be creative
diy christmas decoration make rustic deco pendant yourself
Make Christmas decorations Make garlands yourself
christmas decoration craft garland christmas tree country style fresh green
make christmas decorations make small accessories yourself
Christmas decoration DIY Christmas tree itself make fairy lights branches

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