DIY Halloween Decoration For A Spooky Outdoor Atmosphere To The Festival

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Halloween decoration DIY black cat pumpkins

Cheap DIY Halloween decorations outdoor

Halloween is a celebration in which we may show something silly and childish. On this day we can appreciate terrible figures, brightly painted pumpkins and silly games.

Some of us wear also great costumes!

So the joy is really great, we should also great Halloween decoration crafts. By the way, this may be the necessary occasion for common crafting games with the children.

For outdoor use

We begin with craft ideas for outdoor use

Halloween decoration DIY ghosts pumpkins

Are you planning a Halloween party in the yard? If the Weathermen promise us no rain, then we can organize however the party outside, or? Here are some ideas for Halloween decorating outside.


Turn the garden into a decorative graveyard… The easiest way is using a fixed box. Cut it in the appropriate form. Write RIP on it. Attach the bottom of the “tombstone”. Decorate with grass, straw or other suitable materials.

Best of gravestone should be located near the entrance, so that the guest immediately when a scare before.

Of course several grave stones in front of the House, you can place

Halloween decoration artificial gravestones

Commemorated edit logs

Are you a bit superstitious? Trust you secretly, that terrible faces drive evil forces out of House and home? Let the trunks of fallen trees provide a sculptor or craftsmen with facial features.

Maybe you could make it yourself too!

Surround them with some pumpkins to make the festival more clearly the reference

Halloween decoration carving pumpkins fall leaves Garland

When the feast is over and the Pumpkins are gone, then would the tree trunks as an exotic element in the garden all year long are used.

Caution: Previously check whether all House residents find the idea good.

DIY giant spider as a Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration DIY spider black plastic bags

What is as appropriate as the theme for Halloween as the spiders? If you make a giant figure on this topic, get a 1 for your creativity by all guests!

Garbage bags and some filling material are all what you need usually. You will come in handy here also leaves.

Form to the body, the head, the legs. Some Poles could be wonderful support. You can use duct tape to bind together various parts.

We wish you enjoy tinkering and a special Halloween party!

Halloween decoration DIY tombstones funny paper pumpkins

Smart bats idea for your front door

Halloween decoration DIY Dreidimensionierte bats

Transform the old wooden crate in a scary face

Halloween decoration DIY wooden box face

Personalize your candles in a simple way

Halloween decoration DIY candle design spooky faces

You can create beautiful lanterns with some Halloween-themed and a few Ottensheim

Halloween decoration DIY lanterns lanterns Einweckgläser

You manage the same with empty plastic containers

Halloween decoration DIY plastic lamps creepy faces

Friendly’s also – with fun, homemade scarecrows

Halloween decoration pumpkins straw stack lights

Make little cute ghosts in the blink of an eye

Halloween decoration themselves make little ghosts

Paper tape and two disposable plates can work wonders

Halloween decoration door decoration tombstones pumpkins

Haunted everywhere

Halloween decoration cobwebs House decoration ghost spiders

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