Do It Yourself Ideas With Old Tires – 20 Inspirational Examples

Do it yourself ideas with tires

Do you have many used tires in your garage? You can make so many great DIY ideas with them. Do you want some advice?

Do it yourself ideas with tires for great plant containers

Plant a tire, delete it so that it fits well with a particular part of your outdoor area and set up your new flower posts there!

DIY projects

diy projects with mature plant ubertopf

Many play facilities make of tires and a wooden frame. What do you think of a climbing tower for your children in the garden? Here too, you can customize the establishment of colored according to favor. You should know, however, that the combination of wood and black tires has a fabulous effect.

Climbing tower for the children spices up the garden on

diy projects with mature Kids Playground

Children’s playground in the garden

do it yourself ideas mature playground children

Do you have a dog? Do you want to create a comfortable bed for your pet? Invest instead of money sometimes, to turn scrap tires into a dog bed.

A great and comfortable bed for your dog

diy projects with mature dog bed

Still an interesting DIY idea

do it yourself ideas mature dog pets wigs

Have you already tired of the chaos at home caused by the small cars and other mini toys? “Park” all comfortable on small shelves that can be accommodated within a vertically set car tire.

Storage space for your children’s small toys

diy projects with mature regal

Do you want to build a small sandbox for your child in the garden? Tires are very good solution for this purpose.

Build a sandbox for the kids

diy projects with ripe sandbox

A round coffee table has an Oriental character with colorful stools in the same style. Such pieces of furniture are expensive, but if you purchase them in the furniture business. It must not be! You can tinker so a set of tire and wrap with excellent materials.

Comfortable seating area in the Oriental style

diy projects with mature living of mobel stool coffee table

So build a seating area for the garden

do it yourself ideas mature cushion themselves build

Furniture for outdoor use with simple design, do it yourself

do it yourselfideen tire Chairs Stools


We conclude the subject with a great swing of old tires! This DIY swing is comfortable and relatively resistant to external influences!

So easy you can pleasure the children

diy projects with mature children swing garden

Simple and colorful paint

do it yourself ideas mature children swingdo it yourself ideas mature diy children toys

An old tire was also integrated into this garden fountain

source water fountain garden diy projects with ripe

Coffee table for outdoor use

do it yourself ideas mature ausenmobel coffee table

Corner shelf behind the door – a very clever solution

do it yourself ideas mature corner shelf itself build

Inspiring examples for creative Garden Decor

do it yourself ideas mature Garden Decordo it yourself ideas mature Garden Decor cowdo it yourself ideas mature Garden Decor miniondo it yourself ideas mature fun garden decor

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