Autumn Decoration Handicraft As Susanne Bauer: Inspiring Works By The German Artist

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Herbstdeko tinkering with artist Susanna Bauer

Herbstdeko make difference!

In the middle of the autumn we would like to introduce a German artist, which creates decorative masterpieces of autumn leaves. Their art can stimulate you intended this to make thematic Herbstdeko itself. Of course you are not a professional such as Mrs Bauer himself, but this should never intimidate you, but quite on the contrary, further motivate! Let yourself be inspired and take advantage of new ideas and clever tips on how you can build a creative Herbstdeko.

Honestly, the work with the delicate leaves of autumn seems to be us very meticulous. You need lots of patience while and also attention to detail. What matters most here, is your devotion. Only you could create precise masterpieces like these by Susanna Bauer .

Artist Susanna Bauer creates real artworks with autumn leaves

Herbstdeko handicraft as Susanna Bauer German artist

What you would need one at that, is to have real passion for natural materials. Susanna Bauer meets this criterion also. She’s very happy to not only with autumn leaves, but also with stones and other materials that can be found in the forest or in the City Park. These masterfully combined the artist with appropriate and very fine crochet work, which of course itself creates them.

Susanna Bauer learned the meticulous work with small objects while she was working in the film industry. During this period in your career she was responsible and so for the requisite she has learned many techniques that today are used for their private projects.

Currently lives and works in Cornwall, UK Susanna Bauer.

Original Herbstdeko at a very high level

autumn craft ideas from professional Susanne Bauer

The most important thing when tinkering with autumn leaves is how these are preserved. In it, the secret is the long-term fall decoration. There are many methods for this. Mrs Bauer makes the leaves thoroughly clean and then let them dry for a couple of weeks. Then begins the creative process.

The artist designed both simple 2D characters, as even fairly complicated 3D sculptures. You can admire their works of art including of course. Let the enthusiasm and the great talent of the artist infected by you and decorate your home with beautiful autumn leaves. Tinker Herbstdeko can be a very creative and enjoyable activity for the cold days this time of year.

We wish you lots of fun and succes in doing so!

Creative 3D sculptures with autumn leaves

Herbstdeko crafting original wall decoration Susanne Bauer

For her sculptures, like Mrs Bauer used Magnolia leaves

autumn craft ideas with leaves from the garden

Chic crochet details

autumn Bastelideen with leaves from the garden of Susanne Bauerautumn craft ideas with leaves from the garden of artist Susanne Bauer

Leaves with crochet edges

autumn craft ideas with leaves works by Susanne Bauer

Autumn decoration

autumn craft ideas with leaves tips by Susanne Bauer

Crochet items skillfully insert

Herbstdeko crafts from autumn leaves as Susanne Bauer

Small works of art with great effect

Herbstdeko handicraft as Susanne Bauer artworks from autumn leaves

New wall decoration

Herbstdeko craft ideas by Susanne Bauer

Admire the beauty of nature!

Herbstdeko craft leaves decoration ideas artist Susanne Bauer

Autumn craft ideas

Herbstdeko craft leaves artworks Susanne Bauer

From attention to detail

Herbstdeko crafts crochet details Susanne Bauer

The leaves are suddenly transformed into flowers

autumn craft ideas natural ornaments Susanne Bauer

Cube shape – a difficult task for enthusiasts

Herbstdeko crafting autumn Dekoartikel Susanne Bauer

Magnolia leaves as table decoration

Herbstdeko craft Tischdeke yourself make Susanne Bauer

One of the most difficult 3D figures in the collection of Susanna Bauer

autumn craft ideas with leaves from the garden

Autumn decoration be frame and perpetuate

Herbstdeko DIY wall decoration ideas by Susanne Bauer

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