How Your Easter Eggs With Washi Tape Decorating

Editor   March 3, 2014   Comments Off on How Your Easter Eggs With Washi Tape Decorating

Washi tape tape Easter eggs decoration

Tape decorate Easter eggs with washi

Soon it’s time… Easter 2014 is here around the corner. And you have fresh ideas collected Easter decoration? We have presented you many ornaments for Easter, which you can browse in our section “Easter”.

In this article, the talk is as you could make original Easter eggs with Washi tape. Washi tape Easter eggs you can actually very easily create and need even no elaborate preparation. Get some Washi tape tape reels with colored patterns of your choice. You can find those here .

What do you need to implement this unique Easter decor idea?

-Washi tape

-White eggs (hard boiled)


-Leisure and pleasure to the craft

Colored Washi tape tape rolls, eggs, a pair of scissors and some creativity is required about what this Easter decoration idea from the inside

tape colorful Easter eggs decorating

Cut tape strips with scissors washi and thus cover the Easter egg. Could cut out also the tape in different shapes such as triangles, small circles, zig-zag strips or you think you are. You have free space to experiment and design. Try out many variants and enjoy it. There are a few techniques which you could use to decorate your Easter eggs original, such as for example the napkin technique. Forget to paint not a few red eggs. Here find out how you could do this with natural colors.

We wish you much fun and a Happy Easter with your family!

Easter eggs with Washi tape

geometric coloured tape decoration

Create interesting patterns with Washi tape tape

geometric pattern green Easter eggs hobby

Unleash your creativity and your Easter eggs will be unique

minimalist multi colored Easter eggs

Washi tape strips in zigzag form

Washi tape a series of colorful eggs

Use adhesive tape rolls with various patterns

Washi tape zigzag pattern

Easter eggs crafts without colors

Washi tape egg Easter

Patterned Washi tape to decorate Easter eggs

Washi tape tape squared dotted

Cover the eggs with colored tape, according to the given pattern

filigree decorated colorful Easter eggs retired

How to find this Easter decoration idea? Would you like to try them out?

Easter decor eggs tape stripes colorful

And an example in black and white

Easter eggs hobby black white

Create a zigzag pattern

black white Easter eggs

It is not all gold that glitters, but it attracts attention. Get Washi tape in silver or gold

Golden shine Easter eggs

Stripes in two colors

tape strips fine striped eggs

Blown Easter eggs complete in Washi tape “dressed up”

Easter eggs trailer tape

Happy Easter eggs for a Happy Easter!

Easter eggs porcelain egg cups

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