Napkin Folds – Instructions In Pictures

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napkin Easter spring pleats light red rose

Add a bit of flair to your dinner with an elegantly folded napkin. To fold the napkin proves an old tradition in restaurants and at home. It is very easy to be stylish and easily dominated. Read our detailed instructions about how you can fold napkins .

Fold the napkin in half to form a long rectangle.

Fold napkins

napkin folding instructions rectangle

Fold the napkin like an accordion, front starting

napkin folding instructions accordion

Put the napkin in a glass by holding it at the folded end.

napkin nice folds easy instructionsCan simply fan the napkin over the glass.

Iron the napkin when she settled easily with a thud

napkins creases manual Hat

Fold the napkin diagonally

napkins original Spotlight wrinkles manual triangle

Fold the right corner down so that it hits the tip of the napkin

napkins elegant lightweight folding instructions oblique

Provide the perfect center line

Now the napkin should look like a diamond

napkins beautiful folding instructions diamond

Turn the napkin around, keeping the open end away from even that

napkins elegant folding instructions easy

To create a triangle, fold back the farthest tip

Fold the napkin the Centre seam along from right to left

napkins just folding instructions Middle

Support it like a tent

easy napkin folding instructions pyramid

When the napkin is listless and not pushed up at liberty, you iron it

If the napkin plops down slightly, you iron them – this will make your task easier

napkin folding Easter pyramid

Fold in half by setting up the upper part

napkin folds intricately idea sent table

Now you have a rectangle.

Place the upper right corner in the center of the napkin

napkins elegant lightweight folding instructions oblique

Here we have a parallelogram

napkin Easter folding instructions Middle easy

Turn the napkin to rearrange

napkins ship folding method instructions

Step by step until the end

rectangles original folding napkinsship simply folding triangles

napkin idea of wrinkles triangles endship folding easy instructions trianglesship folding napkins symmetrical triangles

rectangles folds napkins ideas

The end result – beautiful, elegant insertion on the dining table

ship wrinkles just bottom line

Christmas tree

napkin Easter spring folds Leicht Stern

Formed as a loop

spring folds napkins Easter light loop

Elegant and chic folded

spring folds napkins Easter Leicht Schick

Cute spring

fold easy napkin Easter spring romantic

Napkin folding Easter

napkin Easter spring folds easily Easter Bunny polka dots

Even an Easter Bunny

fold easy napkin Easter spring Easter Bunny

Napkins in dusky Pink for the Easter decor

napkin Easter spring folds easy cute

Nice suit

fold easy napkin Easter spring suit


napkin Easter spring folds Leicht Herbst

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