Original DIY Decoration – 5 Simple Craft Ideas From Paper And Cardboard

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DIY decoration decorations artificial flowers yourself DIY table decorations flowers

Functional DIY decorations made of paper for real enthusiasts

The DIY decoration from paper is actually quite simple and can be easily realized by most people. Furthermore, this method of the House aufpeppens is quite cheap. The possibilities are many and they provide easily at home for a lot of variety.

If you are interested in the topic, then you have experimented certainly already more or less with the topic. That will help you further in the selection, for the following ideas are somewhat more complex.

The rule applies for beginner in DIY decorating : every beginning is difficult! It’s worth checking out these great ideas but also for them. You first serve as inspiration to continue with this hobby. Still, everyone could quickly from the beginner to the advanced level. For this reason, it is never too early to look at ideas such as these.

DIY decorative – stylish wall decoration made of cardboard

DIY decoration decorations geometric decoration wall design table decorations

Calendar on the wall

The first idea is functional and beautiful at the same time. Now, at the beginning of the year we all so need. Take beautiful Fabre for your DIY decorativewall. Ideally, she should fit to the interior design. Ultimately, the calendar is all year long you serve.

Original idea of decoration made of cardboard

DIY decoration geometric wall decoration yourself DIY

Chandelier made of cardboard

What do you think of this idea to make chandeliers made of cardboard? If you look at our examples, you realize that this is not only cheap but super effective. You can take simple, solid carton for the realisation of this project. With matching colors you can easily spice up the chandelier.

Creative chandelier in the minimalist style

DIY decoration chandelier pendant luminaires themselves make

Little effort – big effect

DIY decoration decorations hanging lamp Pendeleuchten chandelier themselves make

Box for gadgets

The perfect order is in the small details. Not only the clothes, but also the small accessories and gadgets should be lifted well. This you can build new and new frames and boxes made of paper depending on the needs. Color them in great shades and they can serve perfectly well as DIY decoration.

Create more order at home!

DIY decoration decorating cardboard boxes yourself DIY

Sustainable trays made of cardboard yourself tinker

DIY decoration decorating cardboard boxes themselves make

Decorative lights

Still we would like to draw your attention on some DIY decorating with lights. You can be very varied. Depending on the paper type and pattern occur quite varied solutions. It’s really easy to provide by such DIY decorating for comfort and warmth in the interior design.

DIY decoration from your favorite landscape

Which is your favorite landscape? There are amazing pictures to print out are in good quality? If Yes, then access one of the following ideas and realize them with your favorite photo!

Romantic lanterns themselves make

DIY decoration decorating lanterns yourself crafting photos houses castles

Enchanting castles and houses radiate heat

DIY decoration decorating romantic lanterns themselves crafting old photos

DIY decorating with paper flowers

Many people love flowers, but for the one or the other reason they would have at home no plants. In a vase, these natural beauties are to pity them. You die before their eyes. The potted plants require a more or less elaborate care, to which not everyone has enough time.

Red roses from paper in a Trice create – can be found on www.thecasualcraftlete.com

DIY decoration decorations artificial flowers yourself crafting wire paper

Very easy and resourceful – the Guide

DIY decoration decorations Red Roses artificial flowers yourself crafting paper instructions

You still not completely sacrificing the beauty of the plants. The following DIY decorations are made of paper.

No matter whether you flowers or one of the other decoration ideas , select invite already spring to his home. Who knows – if we may all do it, it comes to us a little faster!

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