Over 20 DIY Ideas On How To Make A Christmas Tree

Winter is on the threshold and soon it will be Christmas again! The Christmas tree is waiting to be dressed up in a beautiful robe… But if you want to put on something unusual at the Christmas decoration this year, then try to make the Christmas tree yourself! You will be amazed what creative ideas can be put into action! Here are a few DIY Christmas tree crafting ideas that will surely inspire you!

Render the contours of a Christmas tree

diy christmas tree creative craft fairy lights christmas tree charms

Tinker the Christmas tree and enhance the space

Who waits impatiently for Christmas, is looking for unusual decoration ideas for more festive mood. And the heart of every Christmas decoration is of course the Christmas tree! If you do not want a living fir-tree for the sake of nature, you have several possibilities to create a festive atmosphere with an original Christmas tree.

There is even more room for creativity, we would say! The alternative is home-made Christmas trees. Many trees are saved and you give your home an individual touch. Just do everything possible to make original Christmas decorations! These innovative Christmas trees are made of any material. If you are clever enough, you could even create a Christmas tree from books! Or make it as a wall tattoo! The imagination knows no bounds.

A modern Christmas tree is also adorned with traditional Christmas accessories: Christmas tree balls, garlands and fairy lights are simply a must. This enhances the optical effect! A huge variety of ideas and several instructions can be found everywhere. At the same time we will give you a fancy idea!

From books you can make an excellent Christmas tree yourself

christmas tree crafting books side table

Christmas tree like a ladder? Not impossible!

christmas tree crafts ladder wooden accessories accessories

Christmas tree made of fringes

If you want to make a Christmas tree out of fringes, you do not need much:

  • copper pipe
  • green fringes
  • Pom-Poms
  • jewelry wire


  • hacksaw
  • ruler
  • jewelry pliers
  • scissors
  • Glue gun

DIY Christmas tree craft ideas green fringe necessary materials

Cut five pieces of the fringe with the following length: 46cm, 36cm, 25cm, 15cm and 5cm. Then cut five pieces of the copper tube with the same lengths. Then glue the fringes to the back of the copper tubes.

DIY Christmas tree craft ideas to measure correctly
DIY Christmas tree craft ideas watching symmetrically

Cut a long piece of jewelery wire and insert it through the longest tube. The two ends of the wire should be visible from the two sides of the tube. Bring them through the next pipe: they will meet in the pipe and come out at the pipe ends. Do this until you get a stepped triangle.

DIY Christmas tree craft ideas join together individual parts

After you have structured the tree, start with the decoration of the Christmas tree. A garland is perfect for this. Fix the garland with the glue. Decorate a few floors and you’re almost done!

DIY Christmas tree crafting ideas be creative fringe

All you need now is a poinsettia to complete your Christmas tree. A rosette is perfect for the purpose.

DIY Christmas tree craft ideas fringe green wall

Just let your creativity run free and create an incredibly beautiful Christmas tree, which attracts everyone’s attention! No matter if you are a nature lover or crafts fan, you bring a fresh flair to your home! Collect further ideas from our picture gallery…

Somewhat minimalist, this Christmas tree comes from branches

DIY Christmas tree craft ideas big and small

The Christmas tree could save a lot of space if you put it on the wall!

diy christmas tree ideas wall decor colored paper stripes

Fresh idea for a modern paper Christmas tree

fir tree crafting craft ideas children creative colored

Fancy idea for a Christmas tree on the wall

tannenbaum tinker wandtattoo weihnachtsbaum

Make a fir-tree from individual hanging decorations

christmas tree crafting unusual craft christmas
christmas tree craft creative wall decoration green
Christmas tree make creative wall decoration ideas
tannenbaum tinkering unusable objects use
fir tree crafts wall decoration garland
fir tree crafts wall decoration weihnachtsanhaenger stars
Christmas tree crafts wood naturally fresh
Christmas tree crafting wall creative craft ideas
diy christmas tree deco hangers creative fresh
diy christmas tree books fairy lights
diy christmas tree deco pendant colored festive
christmas tree crafts aeste deko pendant light strings
christmas tree crafting creative craft ideas green white
diy christmas tree pine cones festive decoration ideas
christmas tree craft wood of course fresh