Table Decorations Craft – Halloween Decoration Themselves Make

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Halloween decoration himself making themed

Make fabulous table decorations for Halloween

Boo! Are you afraid of ghosts? Or forward but it on Halloween evening, if children covered with white sheets, adult skeleton costumes with pumpkin lanterns in hand go for a walk.

Take advantage of the chance to enjoy this beautiful, attractive holiday. For Helloween table decorations we offer some craft ideas, so that you create a theme, festive atmosphere.

In the past the Celts celebrated the so-called seedling – new year at the end of October. You believed in it to blur the boundaries between the worlds. Its opinion came the dead on the ground, to find new bodies. To protect themselves against these people not lit your fire pits and fireplaces and covered with animal fur. And this turned into a Halloween tradition.

Make yourself Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration themselves making plate tablecloths

And where does the Jolly Jack pumpkin? What they call the pumpkin lantern with the smiling face, which is known worldwide. The orange pumpkin is named after a drunk who has overwhelmed the devil 3 times. Jack suddenly died after their last contract for the quiet life. It is believed now wanders with a glowing pumpkin in the hands of sinners from place to place.

Today, Halloween is a holiday when decorated home in Orange and black, they decorated the dining table and the treads with Pumpkins of various sizes and goes at night young and old for a walk through the city. “Trick or treat!” offer the children any passers-by.

A festive tree with decorative pumpkins as eye-catchers on the table

Halloween decoration themselves making pumpkins

Delicious cupcakes

Halloween decoration themselves make cupcakes

Creepy but funny decoration

Halloween decoration themselves making drinks

Glowing candles to the Jolly Jack around

Halloween decoration themselves making candles Jolly Jacklanterns made of glass

Halloween decoration themselves make Orange tablecloth

Chocolate grave

Halloween chocolate surprises decoration themselves make RIP

Thematic, delicious cake with spiders

Halloween decoration themselves make candy

Körber full of candy Halloween Black Cat decoration themselves make table decorations

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