Tinkering With Clothespins – Cool Craft Ideas And Work Templates

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tinker with clothespins hanging lamp

Simple, fast craft ideas for you and your home decor

In every home, there’s at least a basket full of clothespins. We advise you to put the wood to the page and make decorations themselves. Check some of our craft ideas for projects from wooden brackets.

The most important thing is that the clothespins should be made of wood, because they serve standhafter as a decorative element.  Also, you can paint this slightly differently so that they look even happier and more interesting.

Craft ideas for clothes pegs

clothespins make manual

Make a pencil Cup – Take a teaching box, paint the brackets with bright colors. Attach all brackets to the socket and bind around a loop around the brackets. Now you have a brand new Pencil Cup for your stationery.

Design a candle holders – choose a wider box so that the candle is positioned inside away from the wooden brackets. Then fill the box with pebbles or decorative stones and make sure the candle.

Original flower pots in the garden

tinker with clothespins flower pot

Round wall mirror with a frame made of clothespins

wall mirror tinker with clothes pegs

Dress hanger of clothes pegs – combine several brightly painted brackets with a rope to each other and fix this structure to the wall. Apply decorative figures such as ladybug, floral patterns, animal pattern for more interest.

Three beautiful mermaids

clothespins Mermaid tinker

tinker with clothespins colorful spotted different decorated hanger Caterpillar plush

tinker plush clothespins colorful insects

Miniature cottage

tinkering with clothespins decoration

Happy faces

tinker with clothespins cheerful Easter

Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree clothespins tinker Bunny

Idea for wedding decor

tinker with clothespins wedding decoration

Basket for your books and magazines

tinker clothespins basket

Cute, resemble spotted-brackets

craft spotted decorated with clothes pegs

Dragonflies yourself tinker as magnetic braces tinker colors floral clothes pegs

Arrange letters and words

tinker words writing clothespins letters

The wood brackets can be easily dyed

clothespins make colorful painting

Green Chameleon

tinkering with clothespins Chamäleonartig

Children’s toys – aircraft

aircraft tinker with clothes pegs

Grab bars in silver sprayed

clothespins make handles

Funny rabbit in white

clothespins tinker Bunny

The pegs can be used as trinkets and jewels

tinker golden ticket clothespins jewels

Interesting cats made of wood

cats tinker with clothes pegs

Piano keys – hanger

clothespins tinkering piano

Themed door wreath – vintage look

tinker with clothespins wreath

Cute Ladybug

Ladybug craft paper with clothes pegs

Improvised human figures

Tinker's friends clothespins people

A part of every festively decorated table

clothespins retro tinker festive

Pink butterflies as hairpin

tinker with clothespins loop

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