Tortenetagere – Amazing DIY Cake Stand

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cakes cake stand table decorations Tortenetagere Etagere

Original ideas for table decorations and festive atmosphere

The DIY Tortenetageren can tinker up really easily and quickly. Also, there are several ways and designs that you can try out. Use vintage materials or existing objects and create a beautiful Tortenetagere. Hopefully you will find something for themselves and undertake your own project.

It shows us here how we quickly and simple can make a beautiful cake stand – in a brilliant way you can festive decorating the dining table without having to spend money on a new.

This craft idea you need plates, adhesive and some candle holders. Decorate and arrange the fruit stand according to your wishes.


cakes Etagere stand for cakes cake stands cool

1. three plates of various sizes, hot-melt Adhesive

2. lamp base, pillar candle, or something else that is sufficiently stable and resistant to the cakes or cakes withstand be able. It took the three pillar candle holder. The decorative dark, rustic metal was an apparent base. This requires creativity and patience.

3. provide the robustness of the base, so you take it easy to the plate with the cake on it.

Stable cake stand in pink-painted

Tortenetagere Etagere cakes delicious cake stand

4. Rinse and dry the plates and map them each other, depending on the size. Use sandpaper to rough up the Centre of the plate. Add a little glue.

5.Drehen you then the fruit stand, to verify the stability of the structure. Do not plug this DIY Tortenetagere in the washing machine.

6. decorate the edges of the plate with jewels such as fake pearls and crystals n for example, securing it with hot glue. You could add character and personality plus

Festive table decorations for a garden party

Etagere for cakes cake garden party

Square plate in blue

Etagere for cakes cake stand blue

Etagere for cakes cake decorated with jewels

Delicious Brownies exhibit

Etagere cake Brownies cake stand

Bright pastel colours

Etagere for cakes cake stand stained

Tinkered out records

Etagere for cakes cake stand smart

Ceramic Tortenetagere fresh green

clock vintage Etagere for cake decoration cake stand

Vintage Teaset

Etagere cakes cake stand vintage

Plate made of cardboard

Etagere cakes cake stand DIY

Use the cake stand as jewel stand

Etagere for cakes cake elegant

Traditional porcelain plate Etagere for cakes cake decorating

Massive cake stand in yellow

Etagere for cakes cake painted yellow

Large glass lid

cakes stand cake stand glass lid

Factual, but practical and great Etagere

Tortenetagere decorated ceramic Etagere for cakes cake size

Instructions in a few steps

Etagere cakes ceramic cake stand

Glass base and a white plate

Brownies Etagere for cakes delicious cake stand

Improvised cake stand – upturned wine glasses and porcelain plates

Tortenetagere glass Etagere cake cake cake

With a natural look

Tortenetagere stand for cakes cake nature

Cool pink ambience

Tortenetagere stand for cakes cake stand pink

Melted vinyl records

Tortenetagere stand for cakes cake records

Delicious cake

Tortenetagere stand cake stand beautiful cake

Mirror plate

Tortenetagere stand for cakes cake stand mirror

Matt texture

Tortenetagere stand for cakes cake stand sweetTortenetagere stand for cakes cake stand plate

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