You Can Paint Stones And Decorate Your Home And Garden

River stones paint – six steps to a beautiful garden design

Many people love to collect stones in their walks in the woods or on a beach. They bring the stones home and in most cases do not know what you can do with it. Usually, the not very sensible solution is to let you just lying around.

You can make the stone paint and this a part of your interior decoration. We will explain how a project is to realize step by step, in the following lines.

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Tips and fun ideas for painted stones

stones paint colored monsters tinkering with stones

DIY projects: paint rocks

stone red hearts paint motifs tinkering with stones

Mandala painting stones

mandala stones paint color DIY ideas tinkering with stones

You need any professional skills

In advance, we would emphasize that you need no specialist knowledge and special skills for the implementation of this project. You need only the stones and some knowledge of the simple technique whose painting. We convey this in the following lines.

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Owls are a very popular motif

stones paint colored OWL tinkering with stones

Painted pebbles

painted stones owls simple DIY ideas tinkering with stones

Clean the stones

You must first clean the stones. Wash them best. It may remain no earth or other types of pollution on it. The smooth surface is the most important prerequisite for good results.

Select the matching colors

You can paint the stones with oil or acrylic paints. In case of an emergency, you can use Nail Polish. You can use the clear nail polish at least for the top layer.

For this DIY project, you need the following materials

painted stones color DIY ideas tinkering with stones

The palette for mixing the colors

The stones have a small area and this makes more difficult the painting sometimes a lot. You need to apply many colors on some a few square centimeters. Therefore, these must be carefully selected and mixed well. To do this, you need a color palette.

The time brushes

The applied time brushes have great importance for the results. You’re not too soft, be too hard. You need some different sizes. You need some background for the contours, third for the very small details, etc.

Mandala achieve positive energy stones

stones paint mandala tinkering with stones

Would you paint bricks mandala – here you will find a manual for this

stones paint colored motifs mandala animal motifs tinkering with stones

First, fill the large surfaces!

Many people start painting the stones with small details and then fill out the larger areas. This is usually the wrong approach. We would rather recommend you to do the vice versa.

It is also important to allow the background well dry before you start with the details.

Small figures and final touches

After the background is well dried, you should paint small figures on it, and with final touches. The necessary time should not be underestimated. The stones need time to dry, which is usually one day.

Until then, you can go over to the details. If your stone painting has several layers, then you must expect a certain amount of time to dry out the different layers.

Stone with motifs in black and white

stones paint tinkering with stones necessary materials

Simple craft ideas with stones

painted stones simple DIY ideas tinkering with stones

White stones in black paint

painted stones simple DIY projects tinkering with stones

“Rain’s heart”

painted stones raining heart DIY ideas tinkering with stones

Thematic autumn decoration to the do it yourself

painted stones fall leaves DIY ideas tinkering with stones

Other important tips

Here are some important tips that you should keep always in terms of:

Let dry the paint on the brush.
Look at the shape of the stones: they are very different with regard to this and can be inspired by various ideas.
You have to wash the brush with SOAP and water when you are done.
You need not necessarily buy the range, but you can use an old plate as your color palette.

Paint funny ladybugs on River stones

stones paint funny Ladybug craft stones

Ideas for Interior and garden decor

You can use interesting accents in Interior and garden design with painted stones. The possibilities are many, but the painted stones in glass vases or bowls look especially beautiful. Also, you can make small mosaics and Spice up so the garden paths or the walls.

So maritime decoration themselves can build

stones painting maritime subjects blue tinkering with stones

Combine two of the most popular motifs OWL and heart-

stones paint owls heart motifs tinkering with stones

Colored pebbles with polka dot pattern

painted stones DIY ideas tinkering with stones

Original Easter decor: paint chicks stones for Easter

painted stones chicks easy DIY ideas tinkering with stones

Turn the stones into funny minions

painted stones minions simple DIY ideas tinkering with stones

You scroll down for more ideas…

painted stones nature motifs DIY ideas tinkering with stonesstones paint nature motifs tinkering with stonesstones paint motifs from punted tinkering with stonesstones paint Angry birds tinkering with stonesstones paint barbapapa tinkering with stone window decorationpaint stones Domino itself make tinkering with stonesstones paint colored Domino stones themselves make tinkering with stonesstones paint flip flops craft stonesstones paint simple craft ideas stone frogstones paint tinkering with stones gold accentsstones paint small Ängelchen tinkering with stonesstones paint funny owls tinkering with stonesstones paint ladybugs and other animal motifs tinkering with stonesstones paint ladybugs and frogs tinkering with stonesstones paint ladybugs and autumn leaves tinkering with stonesstones paint maritime Dek waves tinkering with stonesstones paint monsters motifs tinkering with stonesstones paint romantic Declaration of love making crafts with stonesstones painted turtle tinkering with stonesstones paint summer memories tinkering with stonesstones paint sneakers colorful Scheakers tinkering with stones

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