22 DIY Ideas On How To Build Your Own Wardrobe From Pallets

There’s just about everything these days. Whether you need it or not – the market is flooded with goods and at first glance, you think there is something for every taste. Unfortunately, or fortunately, each of us has individual needs that cannot be completely met by the economy. Is that the reason why you want to make your own furniture? Or do you want to be sure that the materials used are sustainable enough? Probably one can recognize both as correct, but it comes still to the fact that ever more humans want to work against the unreasonable consumption and make rather from old new.

The pallet wardrobe can be purely decorative, but it can also be functional.

wardrobe from pallets white decorative

The pallet becomes a wardrobe when you just put a few screws or handles on it

wardrobe made of pallets wood simple


DIY ideas for wardrobe from pallets

Today we would like to present you again cool DIY ideas with and without instructions. After the many articles about beds or garden furniture from euro pallets, we continue our series with the next exciting topic. In addition to tables and beds, you can also build your own wardrobe from pallets. For this, you need pallets, tools and good planning.

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The wooden pallet has to be sanded and varnished in order to be processed further.

wardrobe from pallets white grind

As we all know, Euro pallets are very heavy, but they are really solid and durable. In many cases, the whole surface has to be sanded and the wood treated. It is best to bring your material to joinery and have it done by a specialist.

Extra wishes, such as drawers, for example, can be mastered with the help of a carpenter

wardrobe from pallet construction


After sanding, the palette can handle fresh colors

Wardrobe made of pallets painted white

The good idea still needs good planning and craftsmanship

Once the material is prepared, you can move on to the more creative part of the task. Now your homemade wardrobe can be assembled and screwed together. When it comes to extras such as drawers, for example, you can hardly get along without a technical drawing.

Plan the compartments, drawers, and dimensions well in advance and record the idea in the form of a technical drawing

wardrobe from pallets white closet

Where should your wardrobe be, how many drawers or drawers it should have, how high, how deep or how wide it should be, must be clear. Enclosed we offer a range of imaginative wardrobes that you can use as inspiration for your own project. Calculate enough space if you really want to have a clothes rail in your wardrobe.

All in one – you invest some time and get a practical wardrobe that can be used by several generations.

Bring the pallet firmly to the wall!

wardrobe made of pallet wood

Build the wardrobe according to your clothes

pallet wooden wardrobe 1

A clothes rail is now part of every wardrobe

wardrobe from pallet construction empty

From and with pallets you can equip your whole room

wardrobe from palette white combination


With imagination and creativity, you can create practical beauty

wardrobe from pallets

Order and overview should be found in every wardrobe

wardrobe from pallets blue


The wardrobe gives a much better overview of the clothes because it is open

Wardrobe made of pallets white 3 floors

Whether containers or euro pallets – coarse and solid material can appear wonderful and elegant in the interior after processing

wardrobe from pallets white beams


Wooden beams or gables can also be set outside

wardrobe from pallets white corridor


The construction of the wardrobe can take some time, but in the long run, you only win

wardrobe from pallets white wood


Well-made wood can even fit well into the nursery

wardrobe from pallets white children


Protect your clothes from dust and moths

wardrobe from pallets white small


Out of money, you can still save space from pallets

wardrobe from palette white combination for everything

Your wardrobe can be transportable and yellow and still provide enough space for shoes

wardrobe from palette white combination yellow

You do not need more in your hall design

wardrobe made of pallets painted white lacquer

Hang out clothes for airing, you could do with the wardrobe

wardrobe from pallets white outdoor
wardrobe from pallets white single