30 Simple Craft Ideas With Jeans, Inspire

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You can make simple craft ideas – from old jeans great stuff!

Do you have much leisure time? You want to spend makes sense this rather than waste them? Then build something! Even if you are not a professional in this area, you can create something really nice and useful, what you are proud of and what clearly arouses the interest of your guests. Today, we have a cool idea for you: easy craft ideas with old jeans.

Simple craft ideas from denim

easy Cardmaking ideas old jeans new things tinker

Simple craft ideas, which you show creativity

creative sonenbrille denim Tinker case

Everyone has at home at least a pair of jeans that you no longer wear. It be, because these are too small or because they don’t like, but a new life could be breathed into them. See the following photo gallery and learn more about it, you all can tinker from denim. Certainly such DIY are not an ideas you like!

Tinker small bag

Don’t throw out those old jeans. She could serve really well on you. Some cut and sew beautiful shorts from the denim. You might create lots of other stuff this. The small pouch below are just a few craft ideas with an old denim.

Do you need a small bag in which you can store any belongings?

easy Cardmaking ideas old jeans bag small creative

A model with zipper

simple craft ideas of small bag denim

Sewing Lady bag

There is a wide variety of models for a beautiful lady bag denim. Schick, something everyday… You can sew a design which you like best. At the end, you could decorate the kit with a band. Also you can bag classified as inside, you have more storage space.

Cool idea for a lady bag denim

simple craft ideas old jeans women's bag sew

Refresh the bag by beautiful accessories

old jeans sew easy Cardmaking ideas bag

Spice up tip

easy Cardmaking ideas Pocket denim diy

A pocket of jeans can be especially handy

old jeans sew easy Cardmaking ideas bag reuse

Money bag

Do you want a stylish purse? It is not necessary to buy this. You can sew one yourself. Denim, this will be great!

Beautiful purse jeans and lace

simple craft ideas denim reuse button gedbeutel

Simple and elegant

easy Cardmaking ideas wallet old jeans


You can craft accessories of denim. Inspired this cool bracelets, one made from jeans? Then think of an individual model out and go to work!

Denimarmband everyday style

creative craft ideas sew strap

Decorate the bracelet

creative crafts denim bracelet crafts decorate

Oven mitts

Also for the kitchen, you can sew some stuff denim: oven mitts for example!

Sew cute Potholders in heart shape

creative DIY potholders of denim diy ideas

Practical and trendy at the same time

creative denimstoff Potholder craft sew

Baskets and cushion stool

The denim is a universal substance that is always trendy. That’s why all this layering is modern and beautiful. Such pillow cases or stools are a cool addition to any room.

Make fancy stool next to the fireplace

simple craft ideas recycle old jeans

Denimkorb sew where you collect your accessories

easy Cardmaking ideas old sew jeans basket

Patchwork cushion

creative old jeans DIY patchwork pillowcase

Case for i-pad and Tablet

The jeans bag could turn a cool case, where you plug your phone or tablet.

Sew case for mobile phones

easy Cardmaking ideas denim Pocket invite functional mobile

Also for the Tablet, you can build a modern case itself

creative case tinker jeans sew tray


The plant container in jeans pull

easy Cardmaking ideas jeans of plant container garden ideas

You wonder where you collect your pencils? Here!

creative crafts denim bag collect pencils

So, have you taken enough inspiration, what you can create out of jeans? We wish you lots of success and fun!

Sew bag myself

simple sew Cardmaking ideas denim bags

Merry decorating

easy Cardmaking ideas reused jeans pockets

Creative crafts

easy Cardmaking ideas old jeans pockets small bag

Sew oven mitts myself

creative oven mitts make denim home ideas kitchen

Decorate with a button

creative oven mitts tinker knob old jeans

Jeans can find whimsical application

creative tinkering old jeans sew oven mitts use

Dekoblume from denim sewing

simple sew Cardmaking ideas denim flower

Make a wreath for the Türdeko

easy Cardmaking ideas denimstoff wreath

Tinker Cup coasters

creative tinkering Cup coasters sew denim

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