Ayurveda Recipes – Make Ghee Yourself And Cook Healthy

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Ghee is a kind of pure buttermeal or clarified butter, which is made from whipped cream. The clarified butter has properties similar to the lard. The difference is that ghee is made from cow’s milk for traditional and religious reasons. Milk protein, water and milk sugar are separated during clarification, which makes pure fat a suitable food for people with lactose intolerance. Ghee was inspired by Ayurveda recipes and the Ayurvedic medicine known. In Hindu areas, the clarified butter is used both externally and internally. Besides as a cooking fat, the ghee is widely used in India and Asia for religious rituals, body cleansing and care. In Germany, the clarified butter is becoming more and more widespread.

The clarified butter consists of 100% pure fat

Ayurveda recipes Ghee self make butter titel

Why should we prefer Ghee?

In contrast to butter or lard, the ghee consists of 100% pure fat. In addition, the ghee is very high-heatable, which keeps the cooking and frying in a healthy environment. The clarified butter does not lose its qualities.

Up to 19o ° C, the fatty acids remain stable and no free radicals are formed, which are responsible for the aging processes and the Development of some diseases Responsible.

Another important feature of the ghee that ensures safety in the kitchen is its quiet behavior during cooking. Due to the drainage of the grease there is no risk of splashing or burning.

Butter Ghee can be heated to a high temperature without losing any health

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Ghee the golden elixir

The ghee has an unobtrusive taste and a pleasant aroma, as well as an impressive shelf life. All these values ​​make the ghee a healthy, inexpensive and very preferred product in the kitchen. When consumed, the ghee is easily digestible.

In the Ayurvedic cuisine and medicine, Ghee is still called the golden elixir and panacea.

Since you do not always get the ghee in the Asian grocery store, we have found the recipe for ghee making for you and want to tell you at once.

Do something good for yourself and make your own ghee at home

Ayurveda recipes Ghee to make your own butter

Making ghee is easier than you think, but you need some time and patience. After you have tasted the result, you will realize how much it was worth it.

Make Ghee by yourself- the recipe:

Depending on how much you want to produce yourself, you need a lot, say 1/2 kg, unsalted butter. Pay attention to the good quality of the butter!

The pure butter ghee is still called the golden elixir in Ayurvedic cuisine

Ayurveda recipes Ghee yourself make low fat

Ghee – the preparation:

Divide the butter in small pieces and let the whole melt in a wide saucepan on the hot stove. When this is done, increase the temperature and wait for the butter mass to boil. Then, turn the flame to the lowest level and let the butter simmer. White foam begins to form on the surface. This should be regularly skimmed off and removed. This is the protein. Repeat until no foam is formed. This may take up to 2 hours, but be patient because the more gentle you stir, the higher the quality of the butter will be.

The butter ghee is distinguished by a good and long shelf life

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make yourself

The finished Ghee filter through a tea strainer, coffee filter or a clean kitchen towel and fill clean and dry glasses. After closing, place the glasses on the head. The resulting vacuum increases the durability of the valuable ghee.

This can also be a very special gift for someone – healthy and self-made!

To make ghee yourself, you need unsalted butter with a good quality

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make your own butter liquid

After clarification, the ghee must be filtered or finely sieved

Ayurveda recipes Ghee yourself make butter filter

It is best to pour the ghee into clean glasses

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make your own buttergold

For filling, you can use a glass with a practical twist-lock

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make your own buttery

So as to more easily create a vacuum, which increases the durability even more

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make yourself butter spoon

Congratulations! You have just made healthy and good ghee for baking, frying, cooking and massaging yourself

Ayurveda recipes Ghee make your own butter in the glass
Ayurveda recipes Ghee make your own butter from above

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