Babybauch Paint – A Popular Trend In Recent Pregnancy Weeks

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The baby tummy painting has become a coveted trend for pregnant women in recent years. Any woman who expects a child can confirm this. Everything is different when the woman is in other circumstances. Pregnancy is a unique experience. During these nine months, many future mothers want to hold on to each moment and change for eternity. In this article we will look more closely at aesthetically-illustrated baby babies and give the mothers more inspiration for the upcoming time. When you can paint your pregnant belly, with which materials you do it and how long the picture remains on the skin, we will discuss it for you today. A collection of baby babies and motifs have also been added for the purpose of inspiration.

A beautiful souvenir to the conclusion of pregnancy

Baby body painting fish

Color gradients and round motifs make the pregnant belly even more attractive

Baby body painting with giraffe

By the loving painting you also make your child a beautiful gift

Baby belly painting with flower

Collect your ideas and discuss them with your Bodypainter

Baby body painting with matroshka

When is the right time?

When exactly is the best time to paint your belly? This is probably the question that any future mama poses. Many artisans working with pregnant Are of the opinion that, depending on the pregnancy, the time is ripe enough from the 32nd week of pregnancy. Give yourself a lot of fun and a great memory! In addition to this, a professional photo shoot with the partner and the best friend or with the sibling can be made.

From the 32nd Pregnancy Week you can have your baby tummy shaped

Baby body painting with tree of life

Look for sensual images that will do you good!

Baby belly painting with tree of the granta apple

The Faschingschminke shows a really good performance when tummy painting

Baby body painting dino

Loving motifs such as flowers or animals are best suited for baby-wall painting

Baby body painting with hummingbird

If it is you according to it, you can artistically announce the child’s sex

Baby body painting stork

Which colors?

Naturally, the question is often asked which colors are neutral for the skin and the baby. In fact, we now find in the shops special colors to baby-boar painting. But they are not necessary. It is enough if you have one Color palette makeup to have. Kajal pens and fingernail paints for children, as well as carnival makeup, are quite sufficient. It is important that the colors are water-soluble so you can wash them at the latest after shooting. Some women take watercolor paints from the tube, but this can lead to skin irritations or allergic reactions, especially during pregnancy.

The picture can also be a symbol that protects your child

Baby body painting with ganesch

Or even an animal whose good qualities the child can adopt

Baby body painting with faun

The involvement of other family members gives you more courage and makes the memory even more beautiful

Baby body painting with child

You have the free choice of motifs

Baby body painting split

Which motifs

The latest reports show that not only lovely and cute motifs are suitable for a baby belly. Together with the Bodypainter, you can discuss your visions and wishes so that you get the best results together.

Instead of a picture, you can use a letter to indicate the name or gender

Baby body painting thick B

Fairy tale figures, messages, dedications – everything is allowed

Baby body painting with hare

Symbolic motifs do not just embellish the belly. They have a positive effect on the mother and thus on the baby.

Baby body painting with rabe
Baby body painting vtl titel

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