Baskets With Pine Cones – 62 Unusual Baskets For Autumn And Winter

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If you want to decorate your home seasonally, in autumn and winter you can put on your own decoration. Nature offers a wide range of materials: chestnuts, autumn leaves, rose hips, different fruits and vegetables… and, of course, pine cones! With cones you can really create creative, we want to convince you in our contribution today!

Also the colorful autumn and the cold winter give us a wide open space, creative handicraft ideas to put into action. Through autumn and winter decor you bring a fresh touch into your home. Craft small accessories or hanging decorations with pine cones, color the cones, decorate or arrange them and transform them into a beautiful table decoration.

Decorate the fireplace in autumn

christmas decorations

Let your creativity take over your mind and body! There are wonderful decorations!

tinkering with pine cones

Autumn decoration with cones

Pine cones are perfect to bring beautiful autumn mood into the house. Consider a festive table decoration: Pine cones are a typical element on the autumn table. If you value a traditional autumn decoration, put on simple table decoration with cones. However, if you want to give a creative touch to the autumn decoration, you can develop your creativity. The pine cones become true eyecatchers when you color or paint them. To complement the beautiful autumn color palette with fresh color combinations. Or create an original hanging decoration for the entrance, which announces autumn!

Golden accents in harmony with the autumn color palette

tinkering with pine cones golden coloring

This entry in the autumn is so fresh and inviting!

tinker with pinecones colored pinecone hanging in entrance

Crafts with cones for Christmas

There are a whole series of wintery decoides with cones! Creative garlands, whimsical hanging decorations or stylish Christmas wreaths can come from pine cones. Anyone who uses a bit more imagination can also make fascinating Christmas figures themselves and bring the Christmas mood to a higher level. Pine cones bring a beautiful natural flair into the festively decorated room and create an original look of Christmas decoration! The children also enjoy a great deal by making cute figures themselves with pine cones. They unfold not only their imagination, but also their fine motor skills. And wait impatiently for Christmas!

It is not at all difficult to make a decoy of cones for the Christmas tree itself!

Christmas hanging decoration for the entrance door

tinkering with pine cones christmas decorations

Coloring and arranging the pins

Through different techniques one can make unusual accessories from cones themselves. You can paint them entirely or create genuine works of art using nail varnish. You could even glisten the pine cones! Operate your imagination and create a colorful and creative autumn and winter decoration!

Spigots are excellent accessories!

tinkering with pine cones colored cones

Make for more festive mood in the cold days

tinkering with pine cones and arranging

Whimsical animals from taps

It is clear to everyone that children like to tinker. Especially at Christmas, the crafting of children (and adults as well) makes huge fun, because it is also connected with the wait for Christmas. A list of all possible animals and decorations, which can be created from pine cones, is hard to create! Because these are endless and impress with small details and original designs.

Spider with legs and wiggly eyes – a great DIY project for the kids

crafting with pine cones to make your own

Decorate a pine cone in the right way and get a real turkey!

tinkering with turkeys

Bastelideen for the little ones: Christmas Angels made of cones

tinkering with pine cones bastelideen children

Beautifully festive, but also the decoration is in autumn and winter! If you want to bring beautiful festive mood inside and out, use these beautiful natural values ​​and create individual and extraordinary autumn and winter decor!

Pine cones can be converted into flowers and a beautiful Dekokranz tinker

tinkering with pine cones

Plunger decos connector with branches arrange

tinkering with pine cones christmas decorations

A garland of cones pepples the room nicely

tinkering with pine cones

Original hanging decoration for autumn

tinkering with pine cones

Pour the pine cones

tinkering with pine cones hanging decoration wall decoration ideas
tinkering with pine cones light diy ideas
tinkering with pine cones table decoration ideas autumn
tinkering with pine cones christmas hanging decoration
tinkering with pine cones christmas decoration red christmas tree
tinkle with pine cones
tinkering with tapered creative decoides
tinkering with pine cones painted taps arrange
tinkering with pine cones to make cute kitchens themselves
tinkering with pine cones blue pink
pinecone decorate colored thread
christmas decorations
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