Bruschetta With Tomato The Healthy Naschidee

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Bruschetta with tomatoes mozzarella

Bruschetta with tomatoes – homemade and simple

Bruschetta comes from Italy and stands for grilled bread with topping. The most popular dishes are beans, vegetables, tomatoes or cheese. Bruschetta is a common starter which is also suitable for wine. You can also make bruschetta yourself.

This is child-friendly, very healthy and therefore you offer yourself or your guests an original and very delicious Italian appetizer at.

The bruschetta with tomatoes comes from Italy and is a well-known and tasty little thing

Bruschetta with tomatoes long bread

The basic ingredients of a bruschetta are bread, oil and fresh kitchen herbs

Bruschetta with tomatoes

A heart for Italian appetizers

Very popular is the Antipasti Broschetta Pomodoro. This type of bruschetta consists of grilled bread, olive oil and tomatoes and can be prepared in different ways depending on how you want to combine tomatoes. Many recipes from Italy are often accompanied by the use of garlic, onions, basil and oregano. Bruschetta is one of the hors d’oeuvres, oreuvre, starter or appetizer, so you may not be able to exaggerate just before the first course with the sharp spices.

Delicious, crispy and healthy Bruschetta is ideal for the little hunger!

Bruschetta with tomato bread

Bruschetta with tomatoes is also suitable for vegetarians

Bruschetta with tomatoes spoon

Here we add classic recipes for Bruschetta Pomodoro or Bruschetta with tomatoes. Fantastic variants are allowed and desired.

All you need are mature and aromatic meat tomatoes, young garlic, chives, salt, pepper and a handful of fresh culinary herbs ,

Eat full of tomato bruschetta!

Bruschetta with tomato basil

Classic bruschetta with tomatoes Recipe:

-1kg ripe meat tomatoes

-1-2 bars Baguette

Olive oil, salt, pepper

-1-2 garlic cloves (crushed), basil

Tomato dice, garlic crush, bread crispy bake and the pleasure is guaranteed

Bruschetta with tomato thyme


Cut tomatoes and cut into bite-size pieces.

Combine the olive oil with the crushed cloves of garlic and the salt and carefully stir in the tomato pieces.

Cut the baguette bar and spread it on a baking tray. At medium heat (150 °), leave the bread slices in the oven until crispy.

Then add the tomato mixture and season with olive oil, salt or pepper.

Bon Appetit!

Italian cuisine does not always mean complicated and hearty. It is also easy!

Bruschetta with tomato thyme

Bruschetta can be put together very well with salads

Bruschetta with tomato thyme

The bruschetta with tomatoes is very famous, delicious, easy to prepare and especially- you should be looking for quite long calories to find at the Bruschetta which.

So, get to work and prepare your first bruschetta with tomatoes yourself!

It is best to have a homemade bread

Bruschetta with tomatoes mozzarella rucola

The more aromatic, the more Italian!

Bruschetta with tomatoes

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