Build A Cool Bar Of Pallets Yourself

A bar of pallets for your own garden is the perfect scene hotspot to spend unforgettable moments with friends and family. The nice thing is that the trendy counter made of pallets can be easily built by yourself. So you can customize the bar from Euro pallets to your desired size individually. If you do not have time to build the Euro pallet bar yourself, we will tell you at the end, where you can buy a grill table made of pallets.

Click here for the free DIY video manual. Have fun watching!

Sari and Christian, from the DIY Blog Saris Garage, are always working on new ones Pallet furniture ideas and offer their European-style furniture in the form of video step-by-step instructions on their blog and YouTube to their readers & viewers for free. And here you can Buy pallet furniture

A cool bar made of pallets for the whole summer

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In keeping with the World Cup summer, the two have this year designed their very own counter made of pallets, which Sari and Christian have divided into two sections. The barbecue area offers enough space to disguise a large gas grill. At the same time there is a great herbal shelf made of pallets on the right side. This provides enough space in its plant compartments to fill it with soil and to plant it with your personal favorite herbs.

And so your barbecue party is nothing in the way

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The second area of ​​the palette bar is the bartender area. In this you have enough space to store snacks and drinks and prepare the treats for your guests.
All in all, the pallet bar offers plenty of storage space due to the counter and can be used as a buffet.

Delicious cocktails are prepared in no time

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The pallet counter ensures a harmonious interaction between the warm pallets and the porcelain stoneware tiles in concrete look. At the same time, the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and thus always remains germ-free.

Invite your guests to a refreshing homemade lemonade!

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You would like to see more of you many more pallet furniture projects? Then check out her blogs:

In order to be able to move the bar flexibly at any time and to be able to change the location as required, Sari & Christian have provided the Euro pallets bar with castors. Of these, half of the rollers have a parking brake to ensure a secure grip in wind and weather.

If you do not have time to build this bar out of pallets yourself, you can look around Sari & Christian in their new shop. There, the two u. A. a large selection of furniture made of europallets. In the Saris Garage Shop you will find three great pallets of grill table variants. These can be perfectly integrated and cared for in the smallest garden for maximum barbecue fun ,

We wish you a wonderful summer in the garden!

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