Build your own dog bed: The old wine barrel becomes your favorite

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How to build a comfortable dog bed by yourself

You have recently purchased a cute dog and would now like to give him not only your love but the best conditions for him. Your favorite is to get a nutritious and healthy food and of course lots of strokes, play and walk, but above all he should have a nice cuddle bed. For just as with us humans, good sleep is of fundamental importance for the body and the soul. Of course you can buy a comfortable bed for dogs in the specialist trade of your choice. Good dog beds are sometimes not particularly cheap and often amount to more than 200 euros. The selection is huge and you can also surf the Internet for hours on end until you find the best for the little one. If you want to build a dog bed yourself, we have a great DIY idea with instructions for you.

Build a comfortable dog bed, made easy

Diy dog ​​bed from wine barrels own build

What do you need?

  • Bolt (measure the width of the barrels to select the bolt length correctly)
  • Screw nuts (suitable for bolts)
  • drill
  • Drill bits (for metal and wood – of the same size as the bolts)
  • pencil
  • Clamping saw with blades for metal and wood
  • hammer
  • Tongs
  • chisel
  • Sealants – as spray or liquid (e.g.


  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain or wood glaze as desired

Comfortable dog bed self build wine barrel upcycling

how is it done?

In just a few working steps, you are able to make this original dog bed yourself. Especially if you have a bit of handshake, this project should not be a big challenge for you. You can create it in pairs or all alone. Just get all the above tools and resources in advance and get started!

Do not forget to wear a face mask and glasses. Especially when sanding, you will use them well, because a lot of fine dust is formed. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers should be quite careful. Leave enough time to build the dog bed. Work out every detail with patience and love and create a real Schlafoase for your darling!

Have fun with dog bed build yourself and a good success!

Dog bed diy ideas upcycling furniture

Other great examples of an original dog bed as inspiration

With attention to detail and a bit of handshaking, a great dog bed can be built

Dog bed build from old wine barrel instructions

Choose the best materials for the upholstery, which are beautifully soft

Dog bed diy idea from old wine barrel wood upholstery

Stains or stains according to your own taste

Wine barrel upcycling idea for a dog bed diy

Your effort is greatly appreciated by your darling

Dog bed diy idea from wine barrel upcycling furniture

Dog bed build from an old wine barrel

Wine barrel diy idea dog bed self build upcycling

Wine barrel dog bed diy ideas upcycling

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