Build Your Own Shelf: 45 Clever Ideas And Original Designs Made Of Wood

Particularly on smaller living areas one should think in setting up and living rather”vertically”. Each wall has a real potential in precious space. There are shelves in all possible variants simply a must. As a real all-rounder in storage and arrangement, these pieces of furniture are indispensable and can remain almost unobtrusive. Or they can be very original and creative designed and become the indisputable eye-catcher in the room. A shelf can be built in every possible style – Shabby Chic, Industrial, Vintage, Classic or Modern, according to your own taste and personal preferences. Books, holiday gifts, flea market finds or small gifts with sentimental value – everything is kept in the best way preserved or lovingly displayed.

Of course there are countless shelves in the market not only made of wood, but also from many other materials such as metal, plastic and innovative building materials. You will almost always find this one shelf, where you are looking for. However, a self-made shelf has something that none of the ready-bought has – a personal touch and unique charm. This is often the main reason that many DIY enthusiasts and passionate DIYers want to build a shelf by themselves and invest time and energy in this project.

Building a shelf by itself means also being creative!

Diy wall shelf round self made of wood

Apropos investment shelves can be built relatively easily and are therefore some of the most popular DIY furniture at all. Today, we have put together a few important tips for you and collected 45 original and stylish ideas that should be your inspiration for the self-assembly of shelves.

The common materials and tools for the shelf itself

If you have decided to build a wooden shelf yourself, you will of course need wooden boards or boards.

You can buy these at the hardware store and even cut it into the desired length. Dowels, screws, cordless screwdrivers or screwdrivers and wood glue are indispensable in most cases. Zwingen is sometimes used in the construction of wooden shelves, but not always necessarily. The wood surface should normally be ground before painting, varnishing or painting with paint. Therefore, special sandpaper and sanding machine are in any case to be procured.

Depending on the type of shelving, some important elements such as shelving racks for hanging and tilt locks for standing shelves play a fundamental role. You should concentrate on this and keep your self-made shelf secure and secure.

Let your creativity take over your mind and body

Wooden shelf self-build wall design bookshelf

Creative ideas as inspiration for self-built shelves

Fiddling makes many of us a giant fun, especially if the result matches or exceeds our expectations. In our picture gallery, we have exactly 45 inspiring ideas, which will serve you as an additional aid to the shelf itself.

Upcycling is, for example, also a very productive issue in furnishing and DIY furniture. The old piano, which has long since worn out, can be brought back to life as a creative shelf. A few planks simply darein fasten, as can be seen below, any wood color on it – finished!

The piano gets its second chance

Old piano upcycling wall shelf idea

Another very practical and original idea for storage space on the wall are DIY shelves made of old wooden chairs, which you can no longer use or like. Very simple: Cut the chair legs with a saw, grind the wood surface fine and paint or color it. Afterwards, you only have to fasten it to the wall – your self-made wall shelf is ready!

Old wine tins are further, very popular components, which are very often to shelves or room dividers. All you have to do is to screw them on the wall or stand against each other.

Europalettes can also be converted into original book or wall shelves similarly with little time and money.

The list of creative DIY ideas is quite long and the fantasy is never put an end to. Browse the Internet and look for more examples of smart, self-made shelves. Take a look at our collection of ideas and get some inspiration!

Have fun with the shelf yourself!

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Old holzleiter wall shelf bookshelf build itself

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