Build Your Own Terrace – Do You Have A Plan?

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Would you like to learn how to plan a project correctly within a few lines? I’m trying to help you. Let’s start with that you need to determine what you really want. Think and systematize the information about what you want to put the terrace into.

Previously the terraces were a rectangle, which was attached to the house. Today, this is no longer the case. Rather, they are seamlessly integrated into the house, into the landscape and into the courtyard. Many factors can affect the design of the terrace, such as the architectural style of the house, the floor plans of the property, the judges’ rules and regulations of the community in which you live.

Build your own terrace – Determine your goals

Terrace design ideas terrace roofing terrace self built wooden veranda

Before you start planning, you should collect ideas for the possible use of the terrace. Consider the key features that you could use. Is your family active and spending family time outdoors? Or maybe you need a place where you can enjoy a coffee in the morning?

Will you organize large, fun parties or organize small gatherings?

Cozy seating area on the terrace – perfect for barbecuing and celebrations in a circle of friends

Terrace built by itself pergola wood porch terraced flooring

For example, a dining area makes sense only if the last-mentioned point applies to you. An external fire site would be essential if you are outdoors in cooler times. You will also have access to a business center at this hotel. Sockets would make it easier, for example, to install luminaires outside and to use a sound system there. Once you have made a list of the desired applications, you should consider their meaning. Setting priorities will also help plan the budget.

Create a portfolio

Terrace built by himself wood porch terrassendielen installation plan sketch

Attach a couple of pictures from magazines, which show great ideas for the design of the terrace. Also add those you’ve found online. Collect ideas for materials, colors and compositions that really appeal to you.

Step 1 – Get inspiration

Terrace built by myself wood porch terraced garden furniture

Step 2 – Determine a budget

No matter what you need, it should not exceed the upper limit of your budget. Do not forget the following: Planning the shape and function of your terrace should be consistent with your financial possibilities. You should in no case allow the expected expenditure to be exceeded by more than 30%. Be aware of this and control the costs by not losing sight of the original goal of your project.

Do not be sad when you need to save on something. Consider this as an opportunity to separate the essential from everything else

Terrace built by himself wooden porch exterior garden

Do you want an example? Here I have one for you! I originally wanted to install installed seats on my terrace. This has proved to be much too expensive than expected. Instead, I decided to buy cheaper basket furniture. I am very happy now, because they are easy to use and everything is much easier.

Step 3 – turn to specialists

Terrace built by myself wood veranda wooden beams terrassendielen

Often one can save a lot in this way. A well-planned terrace represents the natural extension of your home, complementing its style, form and color. A specialist can help you in many ways. So a person will recommend you the best materials, a suitable floor plan and position for the plants and other accessories.

Many people consider the attitude of a designer as too expensive a matter that they can not afford. Professionals can save you a lot of money by making the process more effective, closing it quickly, and avoiding many precious errors.

Professionals can save you a lot of money

Terrace built by myself wood porch terrassendielen

You can choose a common or landscape architect or builder. In all cases, this will be of great help to you if the specialist can do her job. Do you remember the portfolio we were talking about? Keep this in mind and this will help the specialist to understand your wishes and expectations exactly.

In harmony with nature

Terrace built by myself wooden verandah with tree shade dispenser terrassendielen verlegen

Fun also for the kids

Terrace built by himself wooden porch garden pool slide
Terrace design ideas wooden porch terrace self built

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