Cabbage Rolls – A Recipe For Rolls To Greek Art

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cabbage of Greek-style

So you can prepare cabbage rolls to Greek art

Greek-style cabbage rolls are a great idea for those who like to want to reduce the calorie gain something in the time before Christmas. They are very tasty, they are healthy and contain a lot of vitamins. Are also suitable for very different diets. Whether you distribute your portions in several small or rather eat more at one time, the cabbage rolls are a good choice.

As we prepare the cabbage for the rolls

First, you must remove the piston from the cabbage. We make the head down with the truncated part. Then you need to cook about 10 minutes. Will soak the leaves. Now they are in the correct state for the cabbage rolls.

Prepare the filling for the cabbage rolls

cabbage ground beef filling

The filling of the Greek cabbage rolls is made of minced meat. Here depends it you, what kind of meat you will choose. Keep in mind that in the sense of health you should decide for a low-calorie and low-fat version. You must have briefly fry the minced meat.

Would have to cut the onion very small, then let Cook on heated oil until it is very soft. Then we FRY everything briefly along with rice, which we have previously also cooked.

To this mix, we add the minced meat. We season with oregano, parsley, salt and black pepper.

We separate the leaves and put about a tablespoon of the so-prepared filling

cabbage filling instructions

We must lay side by side so the nearly finished cabbage rolls in a frying pan.

Once we’re done, we add some water in which we cooked the cabbage. We could let the remains on the bottom of the pan.

This dish, add a little olive oil. Cook the whole thing around the 30-40 minutes.

Cabbage rolls with yoghurt garnished

cabbage rolls instructions

Sauce for the Greek cabbage rolls

We would have to separate the protein of eggs. Then we beat them in cream, until you get a snow white substance. Then we add the egg yolk and take a little bit of lemon juice to. You would then add the sauce to the cabbage rolls. Very slowly, pour the whole thing. The cabbage rolls are served together with the sauce.

Cabbage rolls and matching wine

The cabbage rolls could represent both a starter and a main dish. But when there is talk of kalorienarmem food, then you understand what would be the better solution. For this dish, you could choose a great red wine. Cabbage rolls prepared according to Greek-style you can great a and serve healthy event. We can only assure you, they taste really great!

Cabbage rolls to Bulgarian art

cabbage rolls on Bulgarian art

Cabbage rolls out of the Scandinavian kitchen

cabbage rolls on Scandinavian art

A recipe from Lithuania

cabbage rolls off Lithuania

You can garnish with tomato sauce and Basil

cabbage rolls tomato sauce Basil

With minced meat to the German type

cabbage rolls of German-style minced meat

Asian cabbage rolls

cabbage rolls minced meat filled Asian

Fresh served with dill

cabbage rolls filled minced dill

Turkish style with pomegranate and Mint

cabbage rolls pomegranate of Turkish style

Lebanese with minced meat and rice

cabbage ground beef Roulades Lebanese

With mushrooms after Polish-style

cabbage mushrooms of Polish-style

With spicy sauce

cabbage serving cabbage specialty

Tomato sauce with cream and parsley

cabbage rolls tomato sauce parsley

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