Children’s bed from Europaletten – Pallet Furniture DIY from Saris Garage

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Are you looking for pallet furniture DIY ideas to build a childrens bed from Europaletten? Christian and I (Sari) regularly design and build furniture from Europalettes for our DIY Upcycling Blog – Saris Garage. In our latest project, we have built a potty bed for our daughter, which we would like to present to you today. If you are looking for more, come here to our blog Saris Garage Pallet furniture DIY ideas .

Furniture from Europaletten for children – Which pallets are suitable?

Admittedly, one hears children’s bed in connection with Europaletten, surely some parents have great concerns that it could harm their own child’s health, finally, on pallets are transported various goods, which can bring bacterial contamination with it and on the transport route is certainly not Ensure that the Europalettes arrive dust-free at the destination. For this reason, we exclusively use new Europaletten, which are specially made for the construction of pallet furniture, – and packed directly from the factory. Of course, the pallet bed loses the idea of ​​upcycling, but the child’s health is no problem.

Bed made of pallets – the finishing touches

So if the look of furniture from Europaletten as well as us and also not in the bedroom would like to do without, the new pallets offer thoughtless alternatives. If you decide to use used pallets, which we especially advise against a children’s pallets from pallets, inform us which goods have been transported on the Europaletten and pay attention to the stamp. A detailed overview of the most important facts of the Europaletten and what is most important is to be found on our blog.

Apart from the condition of the pallets, it is very important that the Europaletten are thoroughly sanded, as we speak here as mentioned about a baby bed. Each of the children knows how to treat the little ones with great fascination, to discover everything and to take them into their mouths. For this reason smooth surfaces on the bed are indispensable. If it is too stressful to dismantle 4.5 Europaletten for the Kinderbett in self-government, you can order honed Europaletten, can you also on our side.

Children's bed from Europaletten DIY- Saris Garage (4)

What makes a child’s bed, apart from the measure, a real baby bed?

Like all the other children, our daughter loves to say good-bye to the day, and is ideally surrounded by her favorite cuddly toys and dolls. For this reason, it was important to us that when planning the bed from Europaletten, their children ‘s beds were given plenty of storage space and storage areas, so that their books and cuddly toys have their own special place. Even more important is the fall protection, of course, as a child’s bed, as we all know, the little ones are also quite active during their sleep. Stretching all four of them, roll themselves through the whole bed, lie also times with the head at the foot end. For this reason, we came up with the idea of ​​providing a function for the failure protection and to provide additional shelves on both sides. At the foot we have then just two pallets boards installed accordingly.

Of course, we have released an opening for the entry and exit. To ensure a smooth start into the new pallet bed, we have built a small stool for our daughter from the blocks of the Europaletten and two boards, which we also removed from the pallets.

In order to create even more bays, we have let two drawers in the bed. For this purpose we have sawed chipboards cut into the building market, glued them with glue and set them apart in color. In order to give the pallet bed a very personal touch, we have written the name of our daughter as a branding with a burning stick on the front side on the childbed.

Children's bed from Europaletten DIY- Saris Garage (6)

Which mattress have we used for the pallet bed?

The mattress for the baby bed from Europaletten we cut ourselves. For this purpose, a seven zone cold foam mattress was used, which could be easily cut with a sharp knife. Also the procurement for the appropriate Kinderbetten was no problem. To make sure that the little one does not get injured or get caught somewhere somewhere in the night, I have sewn a bed worm. For this I sewed fabric residues and an old jogging pants together and stuffed them with filling wool so that it provides a soft protection and playfully the perfect upholstery.

Children's bed from Europaletten DIY- Saris Garage (1)

Our conclusion to the children’s bed from Europaletten DIY

Overall, we and especially our daughter are super satisfied with the bed, because it offers everything, which makes a child’s bed to a real feel-good place. The little one likes to stay in her bed and goes to sleep in the evenings. In the meantime she has equipped the small compartment of the fall protection with cloths and selected her bed of her favorite doll. If you want to see more DIY ideas with Europaletten, check out our blog.

And here you can also watch the DIY video:

Children's bed from Europaletten DIY- Saris Garage (3)

Children's bed from Europaletten DIY- Saris Garage (5)

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