Christmas Gifts Handicrafts – 70 Origami Origami Gift Ideas

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At the latest during spring cleaning, we determine how many objects have accumulated in our apartment over time and unfortunately have to be mown. It’s always a pity to throw things away, so it may be useful to think about Christmas before Christmas, which of the items we really need.

The homemade gift is always the most expensive

In line with the upcoming premiere

christmas baskets bastelideenmeister yoda

The bird of prey and the mouse – amazingly realistic

christmas gifts bastelideen eagle mouse

Excellently reheated duck

Christmas baskets

Swallow as bearer of good hope is a gift

Create mastery Christmas gifts

christmas bastel bastelideen bat purple

Both children and adults are especially looking forward to the gift on the first Christmas day. But shortly after New Year’s Eve many of the gifts (together with the Christmas decoration) end up in the attic or in the cellar, because we simply do not need as much as we own, but everyone should know for themselves the best…

Masterly folded and set in scene

Christmas baskets

The owl motif is seemingly always and everywhere in

christmas bastel

You could almost hear the bear rush

christmas bauble bastelideen baer

A Unicorn is always beautiful as a gift, even if you can not make it yourself


Just like the seahorse


The characters of Gonzalo have no eyes

christmas baskets bastelideen duck

but they have a very believable appearance

christmas baskets basaltideen dragon

In today’s article we want to convey gift ideas and encourage people to make Christmas presents. In this context, we present an exceptional Origami artist from Spain.

christmas gifts bastelas monkey
christmas, christmas, gifts, bastelideen bellender dog
christmas baskets bastelideen dragon gold

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo comes from Madrid and creates realistic Origami figures, which are also presented perfectly.

Even if the origami of a figure is angular and raw, the Spanish artist creates exactly the opposite with the same technique. The Origami figures of the artist are alive and realistic.

christmas gifts bastel
christmas basteln bastelideen phoenix
christmas baskets

Gonzalo’s hands have recently created a rich variety of Origami masterpieces that we can admire today.

Christmas gifts is not an easy task and that is why the homemade gifts are so particularly beautiful and valuable. The purchase may sound very simple, but I personally do not know a person who likes to go to the city in the Adventszeit and the whole stress.

christmas gifts bastelideen denker
christmas gifts bastelideen chameleon

Is there perhaps something you love to do and never find time for it? Something that may even be a bit more practical than origami, such as a shawl knit, B?

Christmas Bastel
Christmas Bastel
christmas gifts bastelideen wolf

Handmade gifts have their own appeal and are invaluable because of their sentimental value. This makes them so popular, special and memorable.

christmas bauble bastelideen babyelefant
christmas bauble bastelide baerchen
christmas baskets bastelideen dinosaurs
Christmas Squirrels Squirrels
christmas baskets bastelideen duckling
Christmas baskets
Christmas baskets
Christmas baskets
christmas baskets bastelideen owl piano
christmas baskets bastelideen flamingo eggs
christmas baskets bastelideen bat
christmas baskets
christmas baskets
christmas baskets
christmas baskets bastelideen fuchs gross
christmas baskels
christmas baskets
christmas basalt bastelideen giraffe
christmas baskets bastelideen guitar
christmas bastel
Christmas baskets
Christmas Bastel
christmas bastel dog 2
christmas baskets bastelideen cat
christmas baskets bastelideen cats
christmas baskets
little horny animal
christmas baskets small spider
christmas baskets bastelideen crocodile
christmas baskets bastelide crocodile
Christmas Bastelideen Dragonfly
christmas bastel bastelideen mini schnauzer
christmas baskets bastelideen mystik
christmas baskets bastelideen nashorn
christmas baskets bastelideen hippo
christmas baskels bastelideen pelican
christmas baskets bastelideen horse
christmas baskets bastelideen horse with wings
bastelide quince with bird
christmas baskets bastelideen raubtier
christmas bastel
christmas baskets bastelideen rose romantik
christmas baskets bastelideen butterfly
christmas bauble bastelideen black baer
christmas baskets bastelideen vierbeinig
Christmas baskets

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