Clown Makeup Made Easy

clown make-up professional make up tutorial instruction

Would you make-up itself this year as a clown?

Fat Thursday and Monday are once again just around the corner and you probably wonder how you should probably dress up this year and make-up. Yes, you want to think of something new and original every time and implement. Imagination and creativity can it be getting colorful. Fabulous figures and creepy faces, magical fairies and eccentric cartoon characters walking and dancing through the streets in wild ecstasy. Sometimes it is, but the good rate and review Alte or the easiest actually the best. Why not this time you try it with the well known clown costume? And learn how you can make-up a clown, from the video below.

Make-up clown – creative and female

Clown Makeup blue purple rhinestones pink hair wig

It is a simple guide that you can use as a base and then implement your own interpretation. The clown as a Carnival figure is universal. It is suitable for every age and every gender. Even small babies and children look quite amusing and cute with a little makeup and clown disguise. On the contrary the diabolic clown, the man likes to uses as a character for Halloween . Now we but celebrate the fifth season and it will slowly serene and warmer. Because the villain not more to fit. Spread, creating therefore a fun and friendly clown figure, the good mood and positive energy. Make-up your friends, children or yourself and put on colorful. Go soon also. And no matter whether you use as greeting Alaaf or Halau at the celebrations, it is you definitely great fun going, to intervene as a clown in the colorful crowd.

Clown make-up – made easy

Clown Makeup light make-up done professionally

In this detailed tutorial, you will see how you can create a sweet clown with very little effort. Colorful heart and geometric shapes fit in here very well and are playful and somewhat unconventional. Just right for a new interpretation of the clown for you. Just try it out! It well go have fun and leave!

Lovely clown in purple with little hearts

Clown Makeup eye shadow red nose round purple wig

Flash colors and pom poms

Clown Makeup make up colorful Orange wig Hat pom poms

Do not forget the round red nose.

Clown Makeup make up professional yellow wig curls

Colorful striped tops and a large fly are also highly recommended

Clown Makeup white face red nose Orange Perüke striped top blue pants

Lemon yellow for the clown wig

Clown Makeup Make Up Leicht made colorful fly

Or do you rather prefer Orange?

clown make-up Orange Perüke hair red lips heart form

Just a few strokes with great effect

clown make-up Orange wig colorful striped bow tie red nose round

Meaningful and sparkling snow white

clown make-up professional up white wig curly red heart

Sweet as sugar in purple and pink

clown make-up pink round nose purple wig

Elaborate clown idea with glittering colors

Clown Makeup red lips white face star circle glitter

Rainbow wig and lots of colorful points

Clown Makeup face red lips colored hair

It is of course also

Clown Makeup eye shadow blue purple lipstick of Black Hat

And if it very quickly…

Clown Makeup eye shadow Blau Schwarz Rpte fly lips heart

Her Haute Couture clown interpretation by John Galliano for Maison Margiela autumn/winter by 2015

clown make-up haute couture Make Up John Galliano Maison Margiela