Cool DIY Projects For The Greening Of The Wall From Pallets

wall greening of Euro pallets on the balcony

Cool DIY projects for the greening of wall made of pallets

Today people are trying more and more to be more environmentally friendly and when it comes to sustainable design at home, we recommend the wall greening. Especially for the inhabitants in the cities as a living, vertical garden proves very convenient and healthy at the same time. He ensures a direct relationship to nature, delight the senses or provides us with fresh herbs. If the vertical gardens are extensive, they also provide additional fresh air and absorb a significant portion of fine dust.

You might think just as a wall green for you would be impossible, because you have no time or not enough space for it. There, you have no right. The design of these vertical garden is easier than you can imagine.

Today we present you some cool DIY projects for your wall green from wooden pallets. You will see how easy to imitate them. No matter whether you decide to spring flowers, succulents and herbs, you can use the same method.

What do you need DIY wall green from wooden pallets – for it?

Wooden pallet of good quality – dyed and stained according to your wishes
Scissors and a great stapler
thick plastic film
2 large bags potting soil
Flowers or Succulents desire (we recommend: Heather, Petunia, tagetes, Dachwurz)
Colorful and flowery in the living room

wall greening stained range of colorful flowers

Planting is carried out quite conventional, after the palette well with Earth was filled

wall greening off pallets flowers planting

Desire, you can paint before the pallets in different colors

wall greening of colorful palettes

Culinary herbs are love so a wooden pallet

wall planting herbs garden

For the purists with green thumbs

wall greening of europallets colorful petunias

On the upper side of the palette you can plant some flowers

wall greening of pallets for small flowers

Old boxes or drawers with a picture frame is suited perfectly for your Succulents

wall planting succulents and Redwood frame

Use special Earth for the succulents and forking also Moss

wall greening Moss and Succulents

The colorful Dachwurze will thrive very well

wall greening Dachwurz stained

You can make also your old privacy living this way

wall greening wood privacy

So your vertical garden will look six months later

wall greening of fence with Succulents

You can build the whole design yourself from wood boards

wall greening the Hözerne construction

To and including you need use only the plastic foil as shown and fill with potting soil

wall greening with plastic bags wrapped around

After you determined have convinced themselves that DIY wall Green is not so complicated, you can try it yourself, or?