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craft ideas cushion Slipcovers pattern craft

Craft ideas for cheap designer cushion – imitations

When I’m feeling bored in my bedroom or living room, the first thing that I do there is to replace the covers of the cushions. I love the designer pieces, but honestly, they’re way too expensive.

I have therefore found a way over time to achieve the same look, but with much less money. I have existing cushion covers, adhesive for textile and other materials used. This is the basis for many different ways.

Geometric patterns are a great way to refresh a worn sofa. Here is how I have donated something for less than $15.

Unleash your creativity

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers pattern materials

Materials and tools

Substances (ever thinner, more seamless look)

Adhesive tape, which is heated in sheet metal

Solid Cushion cover


X-Acto knife


Patterns (printed or painted by hand)

Paper clip


First, create a pattern

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers patterns create drawing paper

Create your own patterns

You can use this ruler and a pencil or paint simply with his hand. You can do also something by hand. The example here was created by Adobe Illustrator. You then put together the various pieces.

Take the correct measurements

craft ideas Chronicly pillow cases pattern paper ironing adhesive

Measure the pillow and cut a piece that is slightly wider and larger.

Place the iron a piece of paper on one side of the tape, which splits off and on the other side of the fabric. Press with the iron for a few minutes, until the band splits. This way, you will avoid the fraying when cut off.

Transfer the pattern to the fabric

craft ideas cushion pillow cases patterns create cutting off Ritz knife

Flip the fabric and the meter so that the upper part of the textile is turned upwards.

Apply a bit of the double-sided adhesive between paper and fabric. Put the paper clip on the sides. So, you will avoid slipping.

Cut out the pattern with the fabric together

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers pattern cutting off Ritz knife

If the material even in the textile sticks, you can start cutting.

I’ve used an X-Acto knife and scissors for the straight lines.

Is the pattern already completely cut off?

craft ideas cushion pillow cases pattern

If the knife through the whole fabric, turn him around and gently, repeat the process from the other side.
Once you have cut your design once, you should pull off the back of the paper so that you can see the meter
Place the textile with the adhesive on the pillowcase. Put a piece of white paper between the iron and the fabric and go about it, but without pressure. At any point you could press the 8 seconds.

Prepare the material for the use of

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers patterns create sticky

Iron the pattern from the right and with a piece of paper in between

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers pattern Erstellenm sticking ironing

Tip: You should not overdo it with the iron, because that will lead to the break up of adhesive agent. Allow the glue to cool and then pull on the corner, make sure that the whole thing is fixed.

If that is not the case, press a little bit more.

You like the end result?

Bastelideen cushion Kissenhüllenm cushion covers pattern craft

The black stripes are made of thinner materials and provide a seamless look. The Charteuse fabric is slightly thicker and you can thus create a dimensionierteren look.

Add one or two designer pillows in addition to this DIY work, to achieve a very chic look.

Try this craft idea to do

craft ideas cushion Slipcovers pattern crafts end result

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