Crafting With Salt Dough – 40 Craft Ideas For Salt Dough Christmas Decoration

Christmas comes every year with a new helping of craft ideas. Also this year, numerous fascinating DIY ideas for festive decoration and cheerful mood are of course offered. In addition, for the realization of great DIY ideas always more attractive crafting materials! So salt dough is great for the cool Christmas projects. That’s the topic with us today: What you can make from salt dough for Christmas!

Craft with salt dough – easy and exciting!

tinkering decorated with salt dough fancy snowman

Christmas decoration made of salt dough made easy

From salt dough can create so much! magnificent Decorations and jewelry arise from it… But even thematic decorations are easy and fast to master! The salt dough craft ideas are not very much effort, but diligence and attention to the details requires this employment in any case!

So this crafting material is also quite suitable for the children. Especially at Christmas can create a large assortment of figures, which promote the festive atmosphere. It can be modeled a variety of figures. And dyeing and decorating afterwards make fun for everyone! A successful result in the end is only fun!

The tinkering with salt dough gives the imagination free rein

tinkering with salt dough handprints

Christmas lollipops made of salt dough delight the eye and the palate!

tinker with saltpetre colored deco pendant pink white

Tinker with salt dough at Christmas prepares small and large a lot of joy

Christmas is great fun for both young and old. For those who like to make things, the party offers twice as much fun! Crafts at Christmas can not be compared to anything else! The salt dough is a classic when it comes to homemade Christmas decoration! This material gives you the great opportunity to make beautiful hanging decorations and Christmas presents with your children. Let the little ones knead and decorate beautiful Christmas tree pendants. To promote their fine motor skills and imagination. Surely you also amuse yourself!

Different techniques are used for tinkering with salt dough. Stamps or hand and footprints are clever alternatives to create beautiful deco pendants. Several kitchen items could also help craft the Christmas decorations. You could also give the little figures a nice shine! Clear lacquer is perfect for the purpose.

Dye the dough and make colorful Christmas decorations

tinker with salty dozen colored christmas tree pendants fir tree

Original hanging decoration for Christmas with handprint

tinkering with salty tea crafting ideas children's handprint

Enjoy the beautiful pre-Christmas time by spending it with the family! Spend cozy evenings, organize exciting games and… make beautiful Christmas decorations together! Your Christmas will be so much more contemplative and comfortable!

Also, the salt dough decoration can be something vintage!

tinker with salt dough tinker with children's deco pendant

Let your creativity run wild and create real works of art!

tinker with salt doily deco paint

Salt dough figures with photo

tinkering with salt dough deco pendant photo

Cute angel with message

tinkering with salty tea deco christmas angels

Stylish Christmas decoration in white

tinkering with salt dough deco ideas christmas white stars
tinkering with saltpetre colored fir trees
make with salty dough fresh christmas decorations yourself
tinkering with salty tea leaves christmas decoration

tinker with salty tea funny christmas deco ideas

Let your kids have fun!

Handicrafts with salt dough Children colorful decoration ideas
Decorate Christmas decorations with green fir-trees
tinker with salty tea funny christmas tree tags

tinker with saltpetre pink heart christmas tree pendant

tinkering with salty tea to make a fancy Christmas decoration yourself

Simple as real!…

tinker with salty tea snowflake christmas tree
tinkering decorated with saltpetre fir-tree
tinkering with saltpetaceous fir tree different colors
tinkering with salt dough tinkering with children's handprint
tinker with salty tea colored craft ideas for children

Experiment with the Christmas decoration!

tinker with salty dough creative crafts christmas figures
tinker with salty tea funny christmas decorations craft ideas small and big
tinker with christmas salt christmas rodolf christmas tree pendant
tinkering with salty tea artwork santa claus
tinker with salt dough different figures beautiful christmas decoration

Make Christmas stars from salt dough

tinker with salty christmas christmas poinsettia
tinkering with salty dough christmas embassy embassy
tinkering with salt dough christmas motives colored painted
tinkering with salt dough christmas tree decoration green red
tinkering with salt dough christmas decoration hanging

Apply typical motifs

tinkering with salt dough christmas decoration ideas
DIY with santa do it yourself making Christmas tree pendants
tinkering with salty dough Santa Claus Christmas tree ornaments
tinker with salty dough Santa figures
tinkering with salty dough white hearts christmas decorations ideas

Decorate the Christmas tree in the Scandinavian style

tinker with salty dough christmas decoration christmas tree