Crafts With Chestnuts – Inspiring DIY Ideas With Autumn Mood

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Autumn is getting closer and closer, and you are beginning to think more about how to decorate your apartment in harmony with the new season. At this time of the year, the home-made decoration is extremely popular with both young and old. That is why interesting DIY ideas with chestnuts are the focus of our present contribution. We hope you get some inspiration from these whimsical DIY projects!

The pens could appear much more funny…


Decoration made of chestnut

If you want to make autumn decor yourself, you often use natural materials such as chestnuts. They are easy to find and reflect the authentic autumn mood. During a pleasant walk in the park or through the forest you can collect a large quantity of these natural materials. But do not be wrong, only children with chestnut tinkle!

Also many adults are in love with DIY ideas with natural materials and also gladly tinker with chestnuts.

If you also want to put on original and fresh autumn decor, then you need a lot of chestnuts and go to work! Serve your creativity and create elegant decorations for the wall or door. You will appreciate your home in a natural way!

Chestnuts are easily found in autumn

tinker-with-chestnut-creative-diy ideas

Make a wreath of chestnut for the autumn decor

make with-chestnut-Dekokranz-yourself-craft of ideas

Stylish autumn decoration for the entrance or the garden fence

creative craft-ideas-with-chestnut-Dekokranz-yourself-tinker

Funny figures from chestnuts

Chestnuts are also suitable for quite funny DIY projects! Especially children prepare these great fun! However, adults can hardly remain indifferent to these quaint bazaar ideas! Thus, children with chestnuts can make funny figures themselves, which resemble real animals! With chestnuts you can create typical funny chestnuts! You do not need many things for the DIY projects: in most cases, apart from the chestnut itself, there are also matches, leaves, plasticine, pipe cleaners, etc. The chestnut trees are often painted to achieve a better result. So a great opportunity to promote the fine motor skills of your children.

Let your imagination run wild!

make tinker-with-chestnut-small-tierchen

With wiggly eyes the chestnuts become real eye-catchers


Beautiful boutique ideas for the little ones


How to make a spider of chestnut?

Here we will briefly present to you how to make a cute spider with a single chestnut. It does not cost much, so it can be done by children.

Spinning in different colors


Let’s see step by step how that goes!

What you need:

  • chestnut
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Wackelaugen

creative craft-ideas-with-chestnut-diy-spider

Glue the wobbly eyes

steady eye-creative craft ideas-kastenie-with-

Cut each pipe cleaner into two so that you get four small pieces

Creative-make-craft ideas-a-spider-yourself

Start with the first two pieces of pipe cleaners. Place them on top of each other, creating a cross

creative-craft ideas diy-by-the-autumn

Fold the one piece of pipe cleaner

creative craft-ideas-for-beginners

Tightly bind the two pieces together

deco-yourself-make creative craft-ideas-

Now add the other two pieces of pipe cleaners to make a star

creative craft-ideas-for-big-and-small

Bind all the pieces together

make creative craft ideas-by-step-by-step-a-spider-

Fold the end of the pipe cleaner so you can make the legs of the spider

make creative craft-ideas-spider-

Glue the legs to the bottom of the spider

Creative-make-craft ideas Funny-spider-yourself

So, do not go negligently over the fallen chestnuts! Collect a few of these and use them for your new autumn decoration! Put your creative ideas into practice! Certainly your children want to join in! The following examples could serve as a further inspiration for your own DIY ideas…

tinker-with-chestnut-craft ideas-by-children
tinker with-chestnut-liebespaar-craft of ideas
craft ideas-with-chestnut-funny-diy ideas
craft ideas-make-with-chestnut-sweet-figurchen-yourself
tinker-with-chestnut-creative-craft ideas-by-children
make tinker-with-chestnut-funny-figurchen-
Make-to-chestnut-thematiche-deco-yourself tinkering-
creative craft-ideas-for-the-autumn-with-chestnut
make creative craft-ideas-with-chestnut-a-fancy-figure-
creative craft-ideas-with-chestnut-colored paint
tinker tinker creative-ideas-with-chestnut-funny-figures-
Make-from-creative craft ideas-deco-chestnut-yourself-

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