Create Insect Hotel By Yourself – Detailed Instructions For Environmentally Friendly Amateur Gardeners!

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Still in the 90-ern one came into Western Europe on the sly idea, one Comfortable and Comfortable Insect hotel for the beneficiaries in the garden. This particular idea quickly turned its way from Germany and the Netherlands to the Nordic countries and became a popular procedure for preserving the biodiversity of the world and avoiding a serious ecological crisis. As a result of the uncontrolled use of the pesticides and the destruction of the natural habitats of the flight insects, their populations fell drastically at the end of the 20th century – this endangers the survival of numerous animal and plant species and could have long-term adverse effects on nature and landscape. This is why the protection of insects is becoming more and more important nowadays – every household could contribute to their well-being and attract the beneficiaries to the garden through a unique insect hotel.

The hut is supposed to be well suited for the insect species most frequently occurring in the respective area. The beneficial home is to be adapted to their needs and fully meet their”high expectations”! Over the last few years, insect building has become a favorite activity for children in Norway and has become a popular teaching material on environmental protection. The little ones learn in an entertaining way the functions within an ecosystem and the first priority role of the insects for balancing in nature.

The required materials and tools:

  • Small pine cones
  • Hollow round wood (about 10-12 cm long)
  • Reeds or bamboo
  • Barking mulch
  • Dried flower baskets
  • Hanger made of metal
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Table saw or fox tail
  • drilling machine

Filling materials for the hotel

Spruce or cedar wood for the entire construction (length x width x thickness):

  • Roof (14 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm)
  • Floor section (14 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm)
  • Back wall (30.5 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm)
  • 2 x side wall (30.5 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm)

Insect Hotel Step by Step:

  • Use the table saw or the fox tail to cut the boards according to the dimensions given above.
  • Assemble the whole construction by gently drilling the boards with the drill and then screw them using the battery screwdriver.

Insektenhotel for the helpers in the garden

Insektenhotel and attract insects

  • Fill the house with the pine cones, roundwoods, bamboo sticks, bark tufts and flower baskets, placing them in rows, but leaving enough space between the individual filling materials in the same time so that the insects can calmly”fly in”.

Insektenhotel self build for the nuetzlinge

  • Nail or screw the suspender and finally hang the insect hotel to a preselected location in the garden, e.g. To the garden fence.

Hang up and hang up the hotel

The insects are always welcome to the hotel

The insektenhotel an den baum haengen

What insects check To the hotel on?

Most of the Wild bees Have their nest in the ground, so these beneficial ones need no”hotel room”. If you dig the ground at the beginning of the spring, you will most likely encounter the hibernation of the bumblebees! Honey bees Survive the winter by power cuddling and warming, so they do not leave their stick at all. The lonely bees , Which however do not live in any colonies, prefer their nests in the cold months in hollow roundwoods. These insects will pull into the hotel with other lonely bees, close the opening of the woods with mud, and remain in this cozy atmosphere for months. The beneficiaries will thank you for the accommodation in the spring by fertilising the plants in your garden by transferring pollen and flower dust!

Maria pine Overwinter in groups between different dried plants and branches. On the warm spring days these insects will help you Fight against aphids And provide truly outstanding performances against the uninvited guests!

Beetles, spiders, plaice and other beneficial animals Need different living conditions according to their needs. Due to the varied filling material your insect hotel attracts many useful insects. By securing a unique”apartment”for you, you will win envious comrades against the pests at your side. In this way, nature and man benefit from each other! Perhaps even a few damaging insects are attracted to the newly built hotel, but do not worry and leave everything in the hands of Mother Nature, because only she herself can ensure the ecological balance in the environment!

In order to attract as many insects as possible, different strategies can be applied. For the”guesthouse”you should choose a quiet and sunny location in the garden, which is well protected from wind, rain, rodents and birds. Nearby there should be different flowering plants. A bowl of sweetened water could serve as another attractant. The hygiene should be kept in mind and the dried grass, moss, straw and the branches at least once a year.

In the enclosed video you will find a detailed guide for a more useful house that could be used for several species of insects at the same time!

If you paint the insect hotel in any light color, you attract even more useful insects into your inner courtyard

Building instructions insektenhotel examples and pictures

A colorful insektenhotel

Countless insects find accommodation in this Luxurious hotel

A unique hotel for insects

Quadruple cozy hotel for the insects

Small insektenhotel build

The shape plays no role – the filling material is the most important

Insektenhotel for the garden

Insects with the right natural materials

The insect hotel is hanging on the tree and attracts its inhabitants

Insektenhotel for the useful insects in the garden

If the insect hotel is stable enough, you can place it directly on the ground near flowering plants

Insektenhotel itself

In our gallery you will find some cunning ideas for the unique design of your insect hotel!

Everything at a glance – from small beneficial houses to very large insect hotels!

Small house big heart for the insects

Interesting idea for an insektenhotel

Insektenhotel different shapes

Insektenhotel anlocken nuetzlinge

Insektenhotel bauanleitung for hobbygaertner

Insektenhotel bauanleitung for hobbytischler

For bees in winter

Big insektenhotel construction manual

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