Creative Craft Ideas With Used Items

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

creative craft ideas with silver spoons

Creative craft ideas with used items

We imagine today 23 ingenious, creative craft ideas. As often with us, you have the possibility to get to know some cool DIY projects. Here all about sustainable creations from used items that have gotten a new function. In the blink of an eye, and with an extremely low budget you can make original and practical living article, with which you will be completely satisfied.

When it comes to creative craft ideas , almost anything is suitable. Old cooking pots become pendant lamps, used chairs be converted into food trays and the already unused wheelbarrow brought to new life as a beautiful, small rose garden.

Look at everything and let your imagination run free. There is no rule in the tinkering with old objects. Sometimes only the turn around is enough to see something in a completely different perspective. So, before you next time throw away something, look at it alone from all sides and decide whether and how you can give a second chance to this subject.

The old kitchen sieve and the Tin containers become charming hanging lamps

creative craft ideas-painted sheet metal pots suspended lamps

A special champagne cooler

creative craft ideas metal bucket for Champagne

You can use the old CD as striking, great lunch box containers

creative craft ideas CD container for the buns

Your dog will feel still more comfortable with such elegant food bowls

craft ideas food dish from an old chair

Hanging flower pots can be simple to make from old cooking seven

craft ideas hanging flower pot off Koch screen

Chic retro pendant lights from the old hats

craft ideas Herrnhut becomes pendant lamp

A cozy bed for the cat or small dog

creative craft ideas Cat House in case

Would you like to a single floor cloakroom?

creative craft ideas hook off tubes and valves

The vintage chest of drawers becomes a lovely crib/cot

creative craft ideas table kid becomes the bed

Refrigerators can be used quite perfect “shelf”

creative craft ideas refrigerator as cabinet

A piece of the crown molding is perfectly suited as a stylish wall shelf

creative craft ideas ornaments open shelf

From a terrestrial globe are two pendant lights

creative craft ideas pendant lamps from globe

Create such great old pieces of jewelry bracelets

creative craft ideas jewelry pieces sticking together

Collect coins in the old ladle

creative craft ideas ladle of metal

Turn wrench and attach it to the wall to make a few practical coat hook

creative craft ideas wrench as hanger

A mobile rose garden wheelbarrow

creative craft ideas wheelbarrow as a flower pot

You can see picture frame as a beautiful edges of trays

creative craft ideas serving tray with floral ornament

All possible cooking pots and teapots become original plant containers in a matter of seconds

craft ideas Succulents in old pots

You can easily use worn ceramic bowls and pots for bird feeding

bird feeding craft ideas from old bowls

You can look at also turned to clothes hangers

creative craft ideas wall shelf wood

You need to throw away the old wooden ladder

creative craft ideas wall shelf off wooden ladder

Tennis rackets have other properties

craft ideas wall mirrors from tennis rackets

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