DIY Candle Holder – 35 Examples That Bring Candle Holder Not Only Light And Comfort

Candle holder tinker and lend the room coziness and unique look

Candles everywhere much comfort and create a warm and romantic atmosphere. In most cases, placing them just on the table or on the shelf, but chooses a beautiful candle holder which fits well with the decoration. The candlestick itself usually plays the role of decoration. If you want to use such decorative accents, see but the following DIY ideas and gain inspiration, what you could make for a candle holder.

DIY candle holder – branch candle holder for Christmas itself make

candleholder craft twig Christmas decoration ideas

Candle making – create beautiful Driftwood candle holder

candleholder craft rustic creative Birch

Decorate with Black Lace

candle holder crafts romantic black decorated

This small home accessories are easy to small round astronomically in the interior design. From driftwood, branches, jars or glasses are wonderful candle holder, which bring an unusual touch in your apartment. By setting to about nontraditional candlesticks, putting not only comfort in his apartment. The room gets own character, this small home accessories lend him just then.

Elegant candlesticks, decorated with heart

candleholder craft wood heart cute

Make beautiful geometric candle holder

candle holders make geometric pastel nuances

Decorate the jars with wool

candle holder crafts dekoideen home accessories

From jars messing functional candle holder

candleholder craft jars rustic home accessories

If you correctly brings his creativity, you can cool candle holder tinker, covered everyone. Made of wood and jars creates beautiful candle holder, which could be but even nicer when you appropriately decorated them. For the purpose you could use rope or wool and even lace. Yes, it depends in what for a style you would like to decorate the candle holder.

Candle holder craft which add as accessories

Some candle holders can however act as decoration in the Interior if they do not fulfill the role of candlesticks. You represent an original decoration and arouse interest.

Decorate the jars with rope

candle holder crafts diy ideas decorate jar

Shells turn into beautiful candle holder

diy ideas shells candle holder itself make

Candle holder as elegant table decorations

candleholder craft glass tischdeko ideas orange accents

Wine bottle candle holder look very elegant on the table

diy ideas candle holder wine bottles golden color

Attractive candle holder yourself tinker

diy ideas DIY elegant candle holder itself

Furniture parts could also serve as a candle holder

diy ideas candle holder himself making furniture parts

Romantic mood

diy ideas candlestick itself make jar heart

Create rustic candle holder

Wood, driftwood and wooden poles are nice ideas for a candle holder. You bring a natural touch to your place and give a rustic touch.

This candle holder could turn into the heart of the table decoration

candleholder craft wood fancy interior design ideas

Wooden sticks as candle holders

candle holders make Driftwood rustic home accessories

Original idea for wooden candle holder

candleholder craft wood rustic Candles

Candle holders for several candles, so you better fill the room

candleholder craft wood tischdeko

Make fun candle holder itself

Do you have big glasses like this in the samples below? Put this Conversely and get beautiful candle holder. Unleash your imagination and draw new, beautiful ideas, which put a smile on the face. In this way, you can create also thematic decoration.

The glasses turn into unusual candle holder, bring the beautiful mood everywhere

candleholder craft creative ideas Badi

Funny snowmen as part of the Christmas decoration

candle holder crafts decorative fun decorating

The animals on the farm is depicted as candle holders

diy ideas candle holder diy funny animals


If you want to have designed candlesticks from the old jars and turn them into a beautiful decoration, fill them to another, what fits in with small stones or something. Voila, you have an excellent decoration at home!

Fill the jar with rocks and sea atmosphere ensure

candle making jar stone

Make colored candles in colourful jars

candle holder crafts colored jars diy

Create cool decoration

candleholder craft glass colored decorating

These candle holders look kinda natural

candleholder craft jars stone home ideas

Look rustic and classy at the same time these wooden candlestick

candleholder craft wood home accessories

Very simple, yet beautiful candle holder in black

candleholder craft black home accessories home decorate

Make beautiful home accessories

candlesticks wool crafts decorating diy comfort

Candle holder, which are also a nice Herbstdeko

diy ideas glass candle holder create autumn mood

Functional candle holder craft

diy ideas candle holder wine bottles

Beautiful craft ideas with jars

diy ideas candle holder jar dekoideen

How to create a rustic candle holder

diy ideas candle holder wooden sticks glass

Tinker with tin cans

diy ideas candlestick itself make old cans

Decorate the jar with sea star

diy ideas candle holder summer mood

Beautiful decor with candles for the table

diy ideas creative craft ideas wood rustic candle holder

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