DIY Fashion – Innovative Do-it-yourself Fashion Ideas

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DIY fashion pink pumps shoes and gold glitter

DIY fashion – innovative do-it-yourself fashion ideas

How about some clever DIY fashion ideas for chic clothing and accessories? Check these 13 beautiful fashion ideas to do it yourself. Are they not just awesome? The best thing is that they are very simple and easy to customize. You can create small wonders from old shoes, T-Shirts, or with the help of glitter paint, fabric paint and a few rhinestones or studs. Send original BRA, stylish collars, headbands and necklaces – everyone will find something for themselves.

You can simply consider the creative ideas of our today’s collection as inspiration and basis. Take that, what do you like best or develop your own fashion idea and create the garment or the jewelry, that only you will have, because it will come out of your own hands. Forward to the uniqueness and make your DIY fashion fun!

DIY fashion project – Swan dress
DIY fashion original Swan dress

Find your old white jeans pants too boring? How about a bit of color on it. Find in the craft store or paint itself fine floral pattern on cardboard or foil and use fabric paint to their own taste. You can give each garment to new life and not throw it away.

The old pants has now become a real eye-catcher
DIY fashion jeans with floral patterns

And what’s with the old pumps?

DIY fashion pumps in red glitter

Especially white shoes be scratched very quickly and often very fade look. So, what can you do about it? It’s simple. You turn them into chic glitter shoes, which you can then likes to put on parties.

From old pearl necklaces, you can build a very elegant necklace according to the instructions below. For this you need easy accessories such as cardboard, scissors, glue, Ribbon and a special pair of pliers.

DIY FA shion can not do right fun,?

DIY fashion beads collar necklace

From craft wire, fabric ribbons and beads make a wonderful piece of jewelry to admire

DIY fashion Pearl ring with wire

Brooches with glitter stones and deftly woven belt

DIY fashion Pinker belt with crystals

When you are Black Lace that is the perfect collar for you

DIY fashion black lace and Gliter stones

From a simple satin ribbon and a small rhinestone brooch you can build sophisticated hair accessories

DIY fashion headband from satin

Chic bra-style desire

DIY fashion elegant bra in black and metal rivets

Original scarf – DIY fashion made easy

DIY fashion of cobalt shawl off T shirt

Your little ones will enjoy definitely

DIY fashion cute cat sewing

Delicate bracelet with rose for special occasions

DIY fashion bracelet with Marigold

No matter what fashion idea you choose, you will be definitely satisfied. We wish you all much joy at the DIY fashion craft!

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